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Top 10 Carp Anglers You Must Follow On Twitter

If your an avid carp angler like me then Twitter is a great tool to gain successful tips and current news in the carp world. Below is my top 10 list of carp anglers you should follow on twitter suggested by the keen carp anglers on twitter.

In no particular order.

Note: This is an archive post writing originally for our old blog which is now moved to Originally published on Dec 30, 2013.

#10 – Martin Bowler

Professional Angler and Journalist keeping you up to date with his latest news, photos, films and features in the world of fishing.

#9 – Adam Penning

#askpenners is a great way to ask your carp fishing questions to a professional carp angler.

#8 – Brian Wingard

A very passionate carp angler from the united states full of great info.

#7 – John Bassili

A carp fishing bait consultant, John is the man to talk too about carp baits and tactics.

#6 – Leon Bartropp

A keen angler that loves to share great carp captures and tips.

#5 – Mark the Carp

North West Carp and Anglers Diary blog owner, this man know his carp fishing like the back of his hands.

#4 – Jim Shelley

Carp fishing legend, big fish angler and bait/tackle consultant is some of the titles Jim Shelly has earned in recent years.

#3 – Julian Cundiff

Carp fisherman since 1983 and written 6 books, this angler is well worth following.

#2 – Steve Renyard

Long time carp angler that knows his carp fishing baits, a very approachable and friendly carp angler.

#1 – Catch App

Yeah I know shameless plug but we’re trying to deliver our follows some real useful carp fishing tips and news in the world of carp fishing.

Our list of anglers hasn’t finished there, if you have any suggestions on other carp anglers that should be followed on Twitter in the carp fishing world then please comment below which could be added to this list!

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