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Using Modern Technology When Fishing To Help Increase Productivity On The Bank

Keep Organised With Evernote

  • Organise your sessions
  • Create lists for night/day sessions
  • List things to do before heading out to the bank (can be a life saver)
Note: This is an archive post writing originally for our old blog which is now moved to Originally published on Jan 5, 2014.

Portable Chargers for Mobile Devices

A must have for the mobile modern angler. You may spend a couple of days at a time on the bank so to keep powered up is a must for devices such as mobiles and even tablets.

Email Or Browse The Fisheries Website You Going To Visit

This can be a life saver as most commercial fisheries organise matches and can at times close an entire lake.

Use Forums Or Social Networks To Get Information

Fishing App

All though its advised to not completely listen to others view as gods honest truth, you can get in idea what baits and techniques work and been working in recent times. This can be helpful to know a few days in advance so you can prepare rigs that you can just cast out when you arrive at the lake.

Twitter a great social network to find out the latest tips and news in the fishing world. Read our article “Top 10 Carp Anglers You Must Follow On Twitter” to get you started on following some experienced professional anglers that are always there to ask your angling questions too.

Record Your Captures/Fishery Information

Our new online fishing tool Catch App is the revolutionary new fishing web app with features such as adding captures in detail, fisheries, joining a fishing community and much more.

Still in the process of going live to the public, working hard with other anglers to create more useful features but you can sign up ready for the big day.

We would love for you to be part of this new modern fishing app.

You can now share this article below in a great visual way.

If you have any other tips or tools you use when going fishing to make your life easier and make improve your fishing please comment below.

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