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How To Test And Succeed On Your Own Homemade Boilie Recipes

Testing homemade boilies can help you find the right recipe that will catch you lots of big carp and also give you an unique approach to the bait your using on the bank compared to what others are using on the same lake.

homemade boilie testing is key

First way to test a homemade boilie is to take it to a lake that has a good stock of fish. Gain confidence in what your new boilie has to offer then move on to a much more challenging venue.

If you can get small carp on it, its a good indication that the boilie recipe are working for you. Fishing a more manageable lake can also give you time to experiment on adding or taking away ingredients/favours.

Creating and testing can be very fun when you stumble upon a gem of a boilie recipe but this does take determination at times.

Starting out with simple basemix or even a prepacked basemix available by some of the big names such as mainline and richworth. I would start off with a fishmeal or 50/50 (50% Semolina, 50% Soya flour) base mix then evolve it and add new ingredients/favours.

Note: This is an archive post writing originally for our old blog which is now moved to Originally published on Mar 1, 2014.

A change of colour can make a big difference at times

Even a change to the colouring of the boilie can make a difference from experience based on certain times of the year. During the winter a white or orange coloured boilies works very well and during the summer months from experience believe a brown or red coloured boilie works best.

Confidence is key..


Once you believe you have a great recipe take it too a venue with a larger stamp of carp and if you don’t succeed always give it a few sessions on the same boilie recipe and if it happens you get a biggen then you’re on to a real winner and it’s something that stands out from what everyone else is using on the lake which is a great advantage.

If you want to know more about homemade boilies check out the homemade boilies quest blog where I talk about the love of making your own boilies and how to go about creating them to catch big carp.

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