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World’s Strangest Baits That Catch Carp

The worlds strangest carp baits

It was about about a year into my ‘carp fishing career’ when I was introduced to the world of strange and unusual baits that catch carp. Being a teenager at the time this really seemed fun and seeing people catch on baits such as a marshmallow or cat meat, gave me a head full of ideas of what to try and catch a carp on next.

This week we put together an interesting list of the strangest baits you can catch carp on. I’ve been trawling the internet and asking many pro anglers, what is the strangest baits they’ve caught a carp on and had a really great response from the angling community.

These baits can make a great alternative when common carp baits are banned on certain waters. I would advise that some of these baits should not be used as free offerings just as hookbaits and because don’t want to risk polluting water conditions or the fish’s health.

Note: This is an archive post writing originally for our old blog which is now moved to Originally published on Apr 5, 2014.

Fresh Fruit


The most successful boilies are fruit favours and this is for a reason, fish love fruity flavours and the real deal can work wonders. Many anglers have caught carp of fruits such as strawberry, mango, grape but the only down side is the length of time it will stay on the hook or hair rig.


Although I would not advise using sweets as free offerings, they make great hookbaits if rules allow it. Many people from my local club water used to catch carp on a vast amount of sweet hookbaits such as jelly babies, marshmallows and bubble gum balls.

Fresh Meat

Fresh meat can catch many species of fish including carp, catfish and even barbel and chub on the rivers. The best meats for hookbaits are liver, steak and mince (make a paste with it).

Fresh Fish

Fish is an essential favour in most carp baits so why not use fresh fish? Try buying a seafood section pack from the supermarket and have a great day carping. Prawns, mussels and squid make great hook baits for carp. Angling legend Matt Hayes on Twitter mentioned that the strangest bait he’s caught a carp on was a whole squid, wow!

Cupboard Foods

Cupboard food carp baits

Yeah it sounds a little strange that you can carp on household cupboard foods such as canned meats and fruit but it really does work. Hookbaits such as glacé cherries or meatballs in tomato sauce have accounted for a lot of fish captures.

Angling show ‘Coarse Fishing Masterclass’ saw fishing legend Bob Nudd using potatoes hookbaits to catch carp. His method was to use a punch to create small pellet shaped hookbaits that he later soaked in coffee to give them a darker colour similar to a common carp pellet and this method saw him catch plenty of carp.

Pet Foods

Pet foods for carp fishing

To some this may seem extreme but using pet foods can turn the fish on to feeding. Hookbaits such as cat food have be used for years by matchman to catch keep nets full of carp and most of the time often snared of the bigger fish.

Dog cereals like Vitalin can also be deadly, mainly because they contain ingredients such as fish, meat and bone meal, wheat’s and maize and few years ago I used to never leave home without it. Vitalin can make a great method feeder ground bait or just use it as loose feed, all you need to do is just add water to it.

What anglers had to say on the subject of strange baits online:

A lure (wtf??)
google answers

Sausage roll pastry crust fished on the surface caught me a double after running out of bait.
Mike Samways (author)

What anglers said on twitter:

Adam Penning

Steve Renyard

Jim Shelley

Martin Bowler

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