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The Review – Wychwood Exorcist Big Pit Reels

wychwood exorcist big pit reelFinally when I got around to updating my regular carp reels to something more big pit style I really did my research, looking at all the big pit reels on the market and the Wychwood Exorcist Big Pit reels really did stand out for me for many reasons.

There was many factors I looked for when buying a new reel such how much line you can get on the spool, smoothness, ease of reeling action and of course price. The Wychwood Exorcist reel comes available sizes the 65 holds 290m of 18lb line or the 75 holds 320m of 18lb line. Your thinking the reel must weigh a lot heavier with larger line capability but your wrong, the Wychwood Exorcist Big Pit are very light weight which makes casting a joy.

The Features

Some of the features of the reel are 12 ball bearings and an oversized main shaft, which in english means the reel is very easy to use, smooth and so far I’ve had no issues with the reel’s core mechanism. The reel has very large spool, by having a large spool the faster the line can leave your reel, so in theory this will allows you to cast further and with ease.

The first time I used these reels are really noticed the difference, casting long distances and reeling back in was a real joy. Other features on this reel include a very well designed line clip that makes clipping the line to the spool easy and hassle free, once you have finished your fishing session.

The Biggest Factor For These Reels

I would say one of the biggest factors when looking to buy new reels is price and these reel’s by Wychwood gave me personally all the features I needed for large waters at a very good price compared to the others reels on the market. You can get these reels for just under 70 pounds which compared to reels by companies such as Diawa which can set you back a couple of hundred pounds, these reels are a great bargain.

In conclusion these reels by Wychwood are top quality, great for casting long distances and you buy them for a very good price. You can buy the Exorcist Big Pit reels from all good tackle shops or you can simply find them from amazon like I did.

If you want to know more about these reels you may want to check this very informative video below.

If you have any questions about these reels please leave a comment below, I would be very happy to answer them and be sure to check out my other reviews.

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  1. Hi there, I’m Jack. I am looking at purchasing a Wychwood Exorcist reel however after reading your very informative review i am still undecided on 65 or 75? Also could you tell me if these reels have bait runners as for me bait runners and money are the main factors! Thanks in advance, Jack Hubbleday

    • Never mind, watched the video however i would still like your judgement on the 65 or 75? Thanks again, Jack Hubbleday

      • From experience the Wychwood Riot reels do not have bait runners but the Exorcist’s do. I currently have the 65’s and their perfect for mostly every type of situation but if you need little more distance I would go for the 75’s as it holds a little more line on the spools. From experience the 75’s are hard to come by not sure why so I would get the 65’s! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Simon C Striebig Simon C Striebig

    How much line do these bring in per turn of the handle ?

    What is the gear ratio please ?

    Is the cranking power good enough for them to stand up too easy ground beech fishing ?


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