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Best Chair In Carp Fishing? The JRC Stealth X-Lite Chair Review

What’s the best chair in carp fishing your asking, well I would say personally say the JRC Stealth X-Lite would come very close to the best chair for carp fishing and this review will give you an in detailed look at its features and why it will improve your enjoyment on the bank.

JRC Stealth X-Lite Chair

The Main Feature

Designed for the everyday carp angler the lightweight structure makes it easy for you transport to and from your swim.

The style of fishing I have been doing recently really works with the “scaling down” minimal gear approach and I can’t go anywhere without a comfy chair, so the Stealth X-Lite chair by JRC really does come in very handy.

A Quick Tip

A quick tip is to put the chair inside of your carp mat, this chair by JCR really doesn’t weigh a lot compared to other chairs, so carrying the carp mat is a breeze.

More Features

carpfishingEven though the key feature of this chair by JRC is being lightweight it also has many other great features, with anglers in mind.

The chair has an ergonomic designed extra thick padded 600D polyester cover, which gives you comfort no matter the length of your session and doesn’t add any extra weight to the overall design.

The chair also has an oversized swivel and fold mud feet for extra sturdiness and so you can create a consistent level on even the most uneven of surfaces, the chair also comes with adjustable back and front legs.

A Chair Designed For Anglers

carp fishing scaled downThe chair can be easily folded away and stored in even the smallest places, so it’s great if you have a small car or a small storage area to put your fishing gear in.

Sorry to bang on about how lightweight the chair is but it really is revolutionary, weighing at just under 5kg. With the average fishing chair weight being between 5 to 9kg you can really feel the difference.

Want Even More Comfort?

For the angler that loves to take that quick nap on the bank or just wants to relax just a tad more, JCR have you covered.

As well as the regular chair style they have also built a recliner version of the Stealth X-Lite Chair available too, which is well worth checking out.

JRC Stealth X-Lite Recliner Chair, for the angler that like that extra comfort on the bank
JRC Stealth X-Lite Recliner chair.
For the angler that likes that extra comfort on the bank

In Conclusion

In conclusion the Stealth X-Lite chair by JRC is a revolutionary, lightweight, thick padded, fully functional fishing chair designed for the pleasure angler in mind. Great for stalking and scaling your gear down when you need to be mobile.

You can find the JRC Stealth X-Lite chair in all good tackle shops or simply find it on amazon like I did.

Thanks for taking the time to read this review I hoped it helped you in some way, if you have questions about this chair feel free to comment below. I’ve owned this chair for about 3 years now so I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about it.

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  1. thebackpacker47 thebackpacker47

    I purchased the JRC Stealth X-Lite reclining chair on 06/01/16. It weighs 4.45 kgs I emailed JRC who have responded to my email, and they have confirmed that their website is INCORRECT with the weight of 3.1 kgs it should read 4.45 kgs.

    • Thanks for the comment!! I’ll up date any reference to the weight. It’s still an awesomely light chair!

  2. yeah, nice chair, but after a year of not too heavy use the cover on mine has split. I contacted JRC (now Hardy) and they say they can’t help and i should look on EBAY. Great customer service.. Nashy would have repaired the cover foc… now i have to scrap what was an expensive chair for want of a cover or repair 🙁 I don’t think i’ll be buying from JRC in future

    • That’s mad cause I’ve had this chair for a few years now and hasn’t let me down and I use it a lot, that’s very unlucky Alan and JRC should of helped you that’s not on! Thanks for sharing your experience, Mike

  3. Pete Austin Pete Austin

    Mine has lasted me severalwinter Pike seasons and is still as good as new, apart from being mud stained . Fairly lightweight compared to some, which are like armchairs to watch the telly on!

    • Mike Samways Mike Samways

      Yeah Mine is still going strong too. The only thing it could do with is a bit more padding but I guess that would add some extra weight. Thanks for the comment!

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