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What’s The Best Tackle For Zig Rig Fishing?

IMG_8339Recently I had to made drastic changes to the way I approach zig fishing and it really has made a difference.

Zig rig fishing recently has become very popular method in carp fishing and can help you catch lots of big carp. So what’s the best tackle on the market for zig fishing your asking.

In this article I will go into full detail on the tackle you will need to catch carp with zig rigs. If you would like to know more on how and what zig rig fishing is, please read this informative guide below.

If you are familiar with zig fishing already you could learn one or two things too.


zig rig fishingWith zig fishing you do need a dedicated rod and reel to do the job, I would just use a standard carp rod and reel. My preferred set up in a JRC Contact 2.75lb Rod with a Wychwood Exorcist Big Pit Reel loaded by 20lb Fox Adaptive Camouflage Soft Steel mono line.

If you want to catch huge amounts from a highly stocked commercial fishery than you may want to spod over your zig to attract the carp to your hookbait.

You may want to invest in a separate spod rod such as the Daiwa Black Widow Spod Rod used in conjunction with a big pit carp reel such as the Wychwood Exorcist Big Pit Reel.

The Rig

Rig Material

zig line and hooksUse the lightest line you can get away with when zig fishing, using 8-10lb line is advised.

Lines such as Gardner Zig Link and Fox’s Zig Floater line have been produced with zig fishing in mind but line such as Drennan’s Supplex is just as good for zig fishing.

Rig Hooks

Small hooks are advised, size 12 or 10’s are ideal. I advise using Korda Chod or Mixer hooks, although Fox SSSP or the Ace Razor Point hooks do the job very well.

Rig Accessories

Lead Clips

Although you can use inline leads for zig fishing a lead clip style set up is the most popular lead presentation for zigs. I would highly recommend the Korda lead clips even the other companies such as Fox, ESP and Avid have similar lead clip systems.

Zig Aligners

zig-alignaGetting the hookbait as close to the hook is possibly the greatest edge to have in zig rig fishing.

Fox have made this job easier with there Zig Aligners, created with zig fishing in mind and has been tested with countless captures and would highly recommend giving this product a go.

Swivels or Quick Change Swivel

I would advise use an anti tangle sleeve as a kicker to prevent tangles as zig rig are prone to tangles on occasions. The sleeves I use are the ESP Streamliner Rig Booms but companies such as Korda and Fox produce these too.

Dissolvable PVA foam

Dissolvable PVA foam is also advised to prevent tangles. Sandwiching two pieces between your hook will ensure your rig is tangle free. If you can’t find them in your local tackle shop it’s well worth having a look online and looking at places such as amazon.

The Adjustable Zig

adjustable-zigIf you wish to find the layer depth in which the fish are at, an adjustable zig is the one for you.

Recently I’ve made the move to using these for all my zig rig fishing as you can adjust the depth of your zig with ease, counting for all more takes.

I did attempt to create my own ending in a huge amount of tangles. Fox have created an all in one adjustable zig rig kit which you only need a lead(2oz) and your hooklink/hookbait section making adjustable zig fishing a huge amount easier.

I would highly recommend buying one of these kits especially if your new to zig fishing as it comes with all the components you will need such as a lead boom, bubble float, quick change swivel and anti tangle sleeve.

The Bait

zigrigsFoam, pop ups and zig bug seem to be the best baits for zig rig fishing. My favourite hookbaits to use are Gardner foam(yellow or black) and sticky bait 10/12mm pop ups.

To create an ever more attractive hook bait try experimenting with dips and liquids which cloud up the water, drawing in carp from all the different depths.

The most popular liquids on the market for zig fishing are Sticky Baits Spray, Hinders Betalin and Korda Goo.

A short guide to zig rig fishing for carp

  • There are two approaches to zig fishing using a single hook bait or fished under a sloppy spod mix with is the preferred method on heavily stocked commercial fisheries.

  • There are two approaches to rigs too, static and adjustable rigs.

  • A small hook and a small hookbait close to the hook are proven methods in zig rig fishing.

  • Chop and change…Zig fishing is all about finding the fish and figuring out the bait they want to take, so be sure to adjust the depth of your rig and change you hookbaits every 30/40 mins to maximise your chances of catching but once you get your first bite, stick with that depth and hookbait.

zig storage

  • Premake your rigs for getting set up quicker on the bank and also making rig changes a lot quicker. Product’s such as the Fox Zig Disc Zig Rig Storage System and the Guru Rig Box make storing zig rig that much easier.
  • Tight lines… make sure your lines are majorly tight creating better bite indications and in some cases a better hook hold.

  • Accuracy is key especially if you spodding over zigs so I would highly recommend buying some distances sticks such as the Cygnet Distance Sticks to find out and all help you cast to the correct distance you’re fishing every time.

In Conclusion

13lbcarp-charliesThanks for reading this guide and I hope it helps you with your own zig rig fishing.

If you have any questions about zig rig fishing or you have a method of your own that wasn’t mentioned in this guide leave a comment below.

If you want to find out more about the latest carp fishing gear, check out my other posts where I review the latest gear and post helpful loads of carp fishing tips and tricks.

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  1. good write up mate i am new to the zig rig and this was all the info i was looking for keep it up!

    • I glad you enjoyed the info 🙂 just a little secret don’t neglect short zigs your be very surprised.

  2. Very informative, good of you to give your time and knowledge to help others.

    • Thanks Ed, glad this article could help you 🙂

  3. Your article was very helpful to me,, I have learned a bit more,, not hacked it to your level yet, but we’ll rock on Mike,,
    Kind regards,

    • Glad this article helped! Zig rig fishing is one of the methods you have to persist with it and work out what works well for you! Tight Lines!

  4. Andrew shafe Andrew shafe

    How long zig would you recommend

    • Hi Andrew it really depends on the depth of the water it would be worth experimenting, I personally prefer short zigs

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