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The Best Ready Made Carp Rigs For Carp Fishing

Korda-ready-made-rigAs much as I love making my own rigs, now and then the need for a ready tied pre built rig is a must. If your new to carp fishing or struggle with tying your own carp rigs, ready made rigs are the one for you.

A few years ago ready tied rigs really wasn’t up to the quality compared to making your own rig but in recent years carp companies have been producing the highest quality rigs built with top quality components.

Top pre-made carp rigs

I’ve decided to list below the best ready tied rigs on the market today. All these rigs have been intensely tested by the pros, testing to prevent rig breakages and hook pulls.

Ready Made Hair Rigs

Korda KD Carp Rigs

kdrigkordaOne of the most effective rigs out there, with all the success team Korda have had using this rig on their underwater films, Korda had decided to produce these rigs in a ready made form.

This rig is ideal for any bait presentation such as snowman’s, pop ups and bottom baits.

The KD rig has been developed to give an aggressive hook hold often in the bottom lip which makes the best hook holds, preventing hook pulls and lost fish. The rig is made using all top quality Korda components which are all reliable and lots of anglers have extreme confidence every component included in this rig.

Find Korda KD Carp Rigs Here

Fox Cortex Hair Rigs

foxcortexrigsDue to popular demand Fox have created a huge range to ready made rigs using all the popular components.

The range has huge variation and choice which will suit every angler and every fishing situation. You can find the rig in 2 different colours Weedy Olive and Gravel Brown creating a camouflage effect on any type of lake bottom.

The rig comes in a large variation of hook sizes, such as sizes 2, 4, 6 and 8 which is ideal for any sized baits and any sized target fish.

Find Fox Cortex Hair Rigs Here

ESP Striptease Combi Rigs

espreadymadehairrigsWhen I first got into carp fishing I had no clue how to make carps rigs and used ESP ready made rigs.

I had so much confidence in them and still do so, that’s why I always have a couple of these rigs in the tackle bag as a backup if a homemade rig I’ve made breaks.

These rigs come in many hooks sizes and different hook patterns which is great for using any type of bait in any type of presentation. These rigs are simple but built using extensively tested components which are highly reliable and catch fish.

Find ESP Striptease Combi Rigs Here

Ready Made Chod Rigs

Korda Ready Tied Chod Rigs

korda chod rig

Over recent years the chod rig has become one of the most popular presentations in carp fishing.

Korda have created this range of pre-made chod rigs to remove the stress and worry about creating your own chod rigs.

Using yet again top quality Korda components and rigorously tested by team Korda, even the pros have no issue using these premade rigs. You all get 3 chod rigs per pack so you really do get your moneys worth.

Find Korda Ready Made Chod Rigs Here

ESP Chod Rigs


Using ESP chod components, these rigs really are reliable and extremely value for money.

You can also use these rigs in conjunction with an ESP Heli leadcore leader so all you need to do is attach a lead and bait of your choice and your ready to start fishing.

Find ESP Chod Rigs Here

Fox Chod Rigs

foxchodsThese chod rig by Fox are built using their most popular chod components creating the ultimate chod rig.

The rigs are designed so you can adapt them to make rigs such as the hinge stiff rig which is a highly popular rig presentation in carp fishing.

These rigs come in 5 different hook sizes which is idea for any sized pop up bait.

Find Fox Chod Rigs Here

Ready Made Zig Rigs

zig-alignaRecently zig rig fishing has become extremely popular as it catches lots of carp and not only just in the summer months but all year round.

Making your own zig rigs can time consuming so many companies have noticed this demand and have created thier own range on ready tied zig rigs making fishing this method so much easier so you can enjoy your time on the bank.

Avid Zig Rig Kits

avid zigsThe Avid zig rigs comes in 8ft and 10ft lengths which can be adjusted to the depth you wish to fish in.

The rigs include a pre tied zig rig with a size 10 hook, low diameter 11lb floating line and an Avid Zig Grub. The kit also includes a Zig lead clip and tail rubber, everything you need to start zig fishing.

Find Avid Zig Rig Kits Here

Korda Ready Tied Zigs

korda zigsIt really is worth having a few different length rigs when zig rig fishing and Korda’s range really has it all. The Korda zig’s range comes in 6ft, 8ft, 10ft and 12ft lengths.

Each pack comes with 3 different coloured foam baits which is the most popular bait for zig fishing. The pack includes 3 pre-made zig rigs which is great value for money and great for incase you lose any rigs.

Like all Korda ready tied rigs the Korda zig’s use all their tested and quality components which are ultra reliable.

Find Korda Ready Tied Zigs Here

In Conclusion

Thanks for reading my guide on ready tied rigs for carp fishing and I hope it helped you find the rigs you need for your own fishing.

If you want to learn more about zig rig fishing check on my guide to the best tackle for zig rig fishing which includes the rods, reels and terminal tackle you will need to catch carp using the zig rig method.

If you want more tackle reviews like this one please check out my other reviews for a detailed description, review and opinion on all the carp tackle on the market today.

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  1. Matt Gibbs Matt Gibbs

    Great little guide. I’ve lost faith in tying my own rigs and gone back to ready tied rigs. Good job!

    • Ready tied rigs are most of the time tied to perfection and but can be costly depending on the how regularly you go fish fishing. It would be worth checking out a few videos on tieing rigs etc, trust me I did this when I was losing fish on my own rigs and they have been perfect ever since. Good Luck!

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