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Wychwood Solace Fishing Brolly – The Review

wychoodsolacebrollyreviewThis weeks review is the Solace Brolly from Wychwood.

We find out what situations this brolly is ideal for and why using a brolly is more effective than using a tradition bivvy.

We cover all this brolly’s top features, so you can determine if this brolly is the one for you and your style of fishing.

Why use a brolly?

Why use a brolly instead of the tradition bivvy you’re asking, well there are numerous situations where a brolly can come in very useful.

wychwoodbrollyMost brollies can virtually fit into any swim, big or small, which is ideal for tight swims, canals and rivers. The Solace is also ideal for quick overnighters and also setting up in the rain because is so quick to set up.

Brollies recently have become very popular in carp fishing because their overall size and weight is very minimal which helps you be mobile if needed.

Packing away quicker can really help you get on the fish, if you spot them on the other side of the lake and you need to move quickly a brolly is ideal.

Top Features

Below is a list of the top features of Wychwood’s Solace brolly.

  • Super lightweight
  • Comes in 2 different sizes – 50 and 60 inches
  • Quick to assemble
  • Storm poles for windy/stormy days
  • A heavy duty groundsheet
  • Quality ground pegs
  • Ultra water proof materials
  • Quick push/pull brolly mechanism, helping you setting it up in seconds
  • Comes in a lightweight bag
  • Packs down well which makes it ideal for smaller cars or if you’re tight on space
  • Comes in a dark green colour which blends into your natural surroundings

How much room does the brolly have?

As much as the Solace is compact and can fit into tight swims, you can easily fit a bed chair in there and there’s still enough space for a few tackle/clothing/food bags.

How does it react to rain and wind?

The brolly comes with a device they call a rain bar which guides the rain down the sides of the brolly which is a unique feature you may not find on any other brollies.

It also comes with some very strong storm poles which makes the brolly very stable in any extreme conditions.

Where can I find the Wychwood Solace Brolly?

You can find the Solace Brolly in most local tackle shops or for convenience you can find it online from places like amazon.

The conclusion

wychwoodsolacebrollyThe Solace Brolly by Wychwood is a quality piece of kit which is ideal for day and night fishing. I’ve personally have owned this brolly for a few months now and I’ve had no issues what so ever and overall am very with the quality and structure of the brolly.

I hope you have enjoyed this review of the Wychwood Solace Brolly. If you have any questions about this brolly I will do my best to answer them in the comments below.

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