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The Latest FREE DVD ‘Carp Catchers Series 3’ From Bait-Tech

It’s finally here the latest instalment in the Carp Catchers series from Bait-Tech. Full of exciting new methods that have not been covered in the Carp Catchers series before. The DVD features all the familiar faces from the Bait-Tech team such as John Bassili, James Conway, Ian Hirst, Lee Morris and many other pro anglers.

Personally I have been waiting for Bait-Tech to release this instalment of the Carp Catchers series because of its innovation and the simplistic presentation of the latest baits and tackle used by the Carp Catchers team.

If you’ve not seen any of the others I would highly recommend watching them to give you some ideas to try out in your own fishing.

This latest instalment is a little different to the others as it’s all situated at Linear Fisheries so seeing many approaches to the same venue is refreshing to watch. This DVD really is a masterclass in catching carp and even if you’re an experiences angler I will guarantee you will learn a thing or two.

So what are you waiting for sit back and enjoy this truly knowledgeable action packed DVD by Bait-Tech.

If you’ve not had a chance to watch the previous instalments you can find them below.

Remember we bring you a new tackle review every week so look out for next weeks post on the best plastic imitation baits in carp fishing.

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