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FAQ Tackle – Korda, Imitation Baits & Rigs

faqtackleHello everyone and welcome to the first of a new series called ‘FAQ Tackle’.

Here’s the place you can ask all your tackle questions. If you have a question feel free to leave them in the comments below.

So let’s get this show on the road… first question!

If you had to name only one, which would be your favourite imitation bait to use?

kordacornEven though I’ve used many different type of imitation baits my favorite has to be the faithful plastic corn.

You can use it in so many rigs, as a boilie tipper, two grains popped up and even a single sinking corn.

My favourite colours have to be classic yellow and pink because they have caught me so many carp in the past I’m very convenient to use those colours.

Recently I wrote a post on the best plastic baits for carp which is packed with detail about which plastic baits to use and the best times to use them.

What is your go anywhere rig?

Recently I’ve been using to my success my “sneaky” rig and have done very well when the fish are hard to catch. It’s essentially a solid bag rig but with a twist.

The hookbait is a dumbell Mainline new grange hooker turned on it side(I don’t know anyone who does this), chopped on each side to released the favour with an Enterprise mini corn as a tipper.

I use a size 6 Korda Krank hook and N-trap hooklink( only 3 or 4 inches). When using a solid bag rig an inline lead is essential. I personally use a Korda 3oz square pear cause I know that always nails the carp in the bottom lip.

What’s your favourite Korda products?

I use all different products by Korda because of the quality and their customer service is second to none.

ntrap kordaI would say my most used item by them would have to be the N-trap soft. It’s so versatile, you can make so many different types of rigs with it and suits most types of lakes.

It’s probably the only hooklink I would recommend you have your tackle box because in my opinion it’s the most ideal material for 90% of the rigs you will ever need for your own carp fishing.

Suggestion of the week!!!

My suggestion of the week is to check out the latest installment of the Bait-Tech carp series The Carp Catchers 3. It’s full of amazing anglers, latest baits and a huge amount of rig tips, fish watercraft, bait placement and much much more.

Have a question?

If you have any tackle questions and get a chance to feature in FAQ Tackle then leave a comment below and I’ll do my best answer it as informative as I can!!

And remember to check out my carp tackle reviews, full of helpful hints and tips.

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  1. Patrick Keleher Patrick Keleher

    Can you tell me what the thread on the new korda stow indicator as it would be nice if I could just buy the heads(£5.99) and use my own chains and hockey sticks rather than the full unit (£19.99)

    • Hi Patrick

      I’m not sure myself as I’m a avid user of the fox slit indicators but my good friend Connor Marshall uses them and here is his answer:

      ” There all different the stows only work with stow parts and seperate companies bits worth with there own because of the threads on different parts being male and female they don’t add up so it’s quite difficult getting different companies bobbins working with eachother and costly”

      I hope this helps

      • Patrick Keleher Patrick Keleher

        thanks for your reply not what I hoped
        however I have left a message at kordas product support
        rob @korda
        he too has replied he said the thread is the standard 2BA common to many chain and hockey stick setups I only want to screw into the end of the stow head.
        thanks for your time and your friends
        regards Patrick

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