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What Will The Future Of Carp Fishing Tackle Be Like?

futureofcarpfishingtackleThis week we talk about what carp fishing products we may see in the future. I see the future of tackle bringing us anglers more enjoyment and ease on the bank.

We also discuss the future products that could end up removing elements of carp fishing that we enjoy today, so technology in fishing could be not such a good thing.

This article is just my own opinions on what I would like to see in the future for carp fishing tackle, hope you enjoy.

Motorised transport

powerporter6In the future I believe more and more anglers will use motorised type barrows to transport our gear to the bank.

Carp Porter is the only company I know to create a motorised barrow but it’s currently very expensive so it would be great for other companies to try their hands at making an affordable motorised barrow.

Evolution of the bivvy

kampabivvyI believe that there is still more tackle companies can do in terms of the evolution of the bivvy.

It would be great to see bivvies with more inside pockets, possibly with a built in light, make them as lightweight as possible, as compact as possible and most of all easy and quick to erect.

Recently I wrote about the top bivvies of 2015 and this post featured a bivvy by Kampa called the Carp Air. This bivvy is a real innovation when most companies are copying each others styles and construction methods.

This bivvy literally erects in seconds as it’s the first inflatable bivvy. In the future I can see other companies branching off and coming up with other exciting ideas like this.


Even though someone in future will create a new rig that is promised to be the next big thing I believe the most basic rig will continue to catch fish.


I believe that in the future bait companies will continue to bring out more natural baits such as natural snails, bloodworms, earthworms and muscles. Bait companies are already taken this on board with products such as Frenzied Hempseed & Snails by Dynamite Baits and CC Moore’s boosted naturals range.

Hopefully we will see less fake synthetic baits in future as I’m sure carp suss these baits out and become danger signals over time.


I believe there are still room to improve carp chairs such as improving the fold mechanism, improve comfort and even add interchangeable accessories.

Baiting applications

droneWith more and more people using bait boats, I see more anglers using these type of things in the future. Even though I believe using a bait boat removes some of the enjoyment of carp fishing there may be situations in which a bait boat would be ideal.

In recent years personal drones have slowly become popular so its only a matter of time before we see drones converted into bait application devices. But I do believe that if someone does bring out a bait drone I can see these being banned from a lot of fisheries around the country pretty quickly.


When asking the question ‘What do you see in the future in carp fishing tackle?’ to a friend they replied with more lighting products for night fishing. A light that you attach the a bank stick would be ideal for having takes in the night or making rigs up.

Night fishing tackle

Would be great to see more night fishing products in the future such a compact sink to clean the dishes, brush your teeth and have a wash.

An electric stove would be a great product and I currently don’t know one that exists. It would have no issues in winter like a regular gas stove does and you could turn it off remotely if you get a screaming take.

When night fishing I always have issues with bins and normally carry black bin liners with me. It would be great to see products in the future that prevent animals and bird life being attracted the bin and preventing it from smelling too bad.

Toilets are always an issue when it comes to night fishing so I would like to see more products that just make it more enjoyable of the bank.

Transforming tackle

bucketchairIn the future I can see more and more products that combine one product with another.

Products such as a bucket chair and a chair bag already exist so I can see more of these types of transforming products coming out for anglers in the future.

A great idea would be a barrow that could transform into for example a table or chair when it’s not in use.

More accessible tackle

In the future tackle companies will hopefully take on board and design products that make fishing more accessible for disabled or elderly anglers.

It would be great to see specific products for disabled anglers so everyone one can enjoy the sport.

Companies to look out for in the future

I recently came across a company called Banktech, even though they currently have only a few products I can see them hopefully bringing out more interesting product like their Banktech Bank Stick Adaptor which is used to attach a camera to a bank stick eliminating the use of a tripod.

Another company I can see bringing over interesting products from the camping world is Kampa. Kampa recently bought out the inflatable bivvy so it would be great if they could produce more inflatable products for example an inflatable sink or bin.

My thoughts on the future

18lbcommonEven though tackle evolves I believe the simplicity is what intrigued us into fishing in the first place.

I hope for the future that we keep some elements of fishing simple which will retain the reason it’s so relaxing to us.

Tackle company should be creating products that make fishing easier so we can enjoy our time on the bank but product’s such fish finders and underwater camera will eventually remove any watercraft skills.

If you have any views on what you would like to see in the future in carp fishing tackle than leave them in the comments below and remember if you want to read more tackle reviews subscribe to the blog.

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  1. Woody Woody

    Tempest good bit of kit .was going to sell it coz I wanted the kampa air 2.but have decided to keep it for smaller venues as for the Kampa well what can I say superb. So big can get all of my gear in and it’s lost.Theres enough room for a dance floor and bar at one end .Not forgetting the glitter ball on the ceiling lol pump up Bivvies is the way to go 10/10 🙂

  2. Woody Woody

    Re.Rod pods. Pays your money take your choice.lots on the market .but for me I believe it needs to be strong and substantial Buy once and forget Matrix Patriot …Sold

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