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FAQ Tackle – Best Ways To Catch Carp, Plastic Baits & Weirdest Carp Baits

faqtackle-weirdestcarpbaitsWelcome to the latest instalment of FAQ Tackle.

This week we talk about my favourite way to catch carp, we ask the questions do favouring plastic baits make a difference and what is the weirdest bait I’ve ever caught a carp on.

I’m very excited I hope you are too….first question!

What’s favourite way to catch carp?

There are so many great ways to catch carp but my favourite way is got to be catching them on the surface.

I love the simplicity, the challenge and love seeing them take the bait.

In recent years carp fishing has become a little over complicated but with surface fishing you only need minimal gear.

All you need is a lightweight carp rod and reel, a size 12/10 hook and a floating bait. If you need to cast at a long distance you may need a controller float.

For surface baits if you don’t need to cast a long distance bread crust is a great bait to use as it hides the hook. If you need to cast at distance all you need is a controller float, a 2ft hooklink, size 10 hook and hair rigged bright pop up so you see the bait from far away.

Do you need to favour fake plastic baits to catch carp?

After catching carp on non flavoured plastic baits I don’t believe it makes a difference. But I think if favouring your plastics gives you that added confidence than go ahead and do it because when you cast that rig out you want to have 100% confidence that you’re gonna catch a carp.

Soaking plastic baits

When flavouring plastic baits I would go for a thin high concentrate flavour. My favourite flavours for plastics are Scopex and Tutti Frutti.

What’s the weirdest bait you have ever caught a carp on?

I’ve heard and know anglers who have caught carp on non conventional carp baits but the weirdest bait I’ve caught a carp on in sausage roll crust.

I was fishing a old membership lake a few years ago and I was surface fishing all day, it got to late afternoon and ran out of bait. There were fish still surfacing so I jokingly hooked on a sausage roll crust and bang I was into a fish.

A while back I wrote an article on the weirdest bait you can catch carp on. Give it a read a see how many of these baits you can catch a carp on.

Suggestion of the week

Oil-ShotThis week suggestion of the week is for you to give soaking your baits in oils a go. If you have never tried this method before give it a go. Soaking your boilies and pellets in oil really brings the bait to life and carp absolutely love it.

Using oils also have other bonuses such as when the carp are feeding on your baited area you get oil slicks surfacing giving you an indication the fish are in your area.

The best oils I have found for soaking your baits in are hemp oil and salmon oil but common oils such as sunflower oil work just as well.

Got a question?

If you have any tackle questions and want a chance to feature in the next FAQ Tackle then leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer the question as informative as I can!!

And remember to check out my carp tackle reviews, full of details, helpful hints and tips.

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