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How to successfully catch carp from Ash Pond at Luccombes fishery, Devon


This is week I’m going to give you an in detailed guide on how to fish Ash pond at Luccombes fishery in Devon successfully.

I recently went there for a week and caught so many good carp including 2 new PB’s.

Visiting Luccombes was all my good friend Connor Marshall’s idea as he had visited Luccombes the year before and I went with him, his uncle and dad who are all mad anglers.

In this guide I will tell you how, where and when I fished. The most successful rigs and bait that accounted for all my captures.

Note: This is an archive post writing originally for our old blog which is now moved to Originally published on Sep 14, 2015.

Baiting Approach

After fishing the week after a bank holiday weekend, me and Connor decided it would be good idea to keep baiting up to a minimum as we presumed that anglers over the weekend we’re piling in the bait.

My baiting up approach was very simple a hand full of pellets and a mixture of chopped and whole homemade boilies over a small area. Then re-bait after every fish or every 8 hours.


Connors baiting up approach was very similar a few pouch full on chopped and whole cell boilies over a small area did the trick.

It kinda sounds boring only using pellets and boilies but it really did work for us. We tried many other things while we were there such a sweetcorn but all that happened is the ducks found it and killed the swim for a few hours, I believe it’s because it’s highly visible.

We both tried method feeders but didn’t even have a sniff so I kept to the same baiting approach on both rods and caught off both rods so the simple hand full of pellets and boilies really did worked.

The Bait

I was using:
Homemade nutcracker boilies soaked in hemp juice (click the link to find out how to make it yourself)
Mixed size halibut pellets soaked in Mainline’s Fosoil

What Connor was using:
Mainline’s Cell boilies
Mixed size halibut pellets soaked in Mainline’s Fosoil

Bite Time

For the first couple of days all our fish we’re coming out between 4.30 to 9.00 in the morning and 6.00 to 12 in the evening but the more and more we established an area, we were getting more bites during the day and the biggest one we had as a group of 21lb 7oz came out in late afternoon.

The Rigs


Throughout the whole session myself and Connor tried many different rigs but after day 3 I had both my rods on the same rig.

May sound simple but it was an effective rig and accounted for all the fish I caught. The rig is a simple 6/7 inch hair rig with a boilie and plastic corn tipper.

The rig material are as the following:

Korda N-trap Brown
Rig Ring
Korda Kurv size 6

Leadercore leader
2oz inline square pear
Kwick change clip

The Captures

Even though we did have a few carp in mid water the margins really were the one when fishing Ash pond. Under trees, bushes, lily pads and under the water flow is where the fish are.

The Facilities

If you do a lot of carp fishing there are some things you miss when you’re on the bank so for me having a clean toilet, showers, fresh water and washing up facilities I really did enjoy my stay at Luccombes.

There is also a tackle shop on site that sells a small section of bait and tackle but also cans of drink, food, ice cream etc.

The Conclusion

I had an amazing time on Ash pond at Luccombes fishery, devon. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a relaxing break away with exciting fishing, great facilities and great people.


Hopefully I’ll be back soon as it’s a great place to take family or friends.

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