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12 Carp Fishing GIF’s You Will Want To Share With Your Friends

This week to celebrate all things GIF (animated image) by creating some carpy GIF’s you will want to share with you angling buddies.


Ohhh sweetcorn…maybe not!

miss take - carp fishing

Put that on your hair!

Rod Bending Action!

Rod Bending Action

Getting crazy after days on the bank

BaitTech Dance

We live for this moment

Carp Take Gif

To catch a carp you must think like a carp..

matt hayes gif

That carp’s got a knife!

There’s always one…

Holding a carp the wrong way

That magical moment

Landing a carp gif

Add you still blank..

Sexy Bivvy.. (Sorry Prologic)

Technical carp fishing at it’s best!

korda underwater gif

Hope you enjoyed our collection of carpy animated GIF’s and remember if you liked this make sure you subscribe to the blog and check out our carp tackle reviews.

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