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How To Replace a Carp Porter Barrow Wheel

Recently I punctured the wheel of my Carp Porter MK2 barrow which left me stranded with my gear miles away from the car.

Firstly I did what any desperate man does and googled my issue.

I found numerous ideas and suggestion to fix my wheel issue so that’s why I decided to write this article to inform people so that don’t have to waste hours of your precious life.

At first I believed my wheel was just majorly flat so I purchased an automatic tire inflator which is good for small top up of air but for my wheel it did nothing so I guessed it was punctured.

A friend told me about barrow replacement services that some tackle shops provide but can be quite costly so me being a cheap skate I opted for a cheaper route.

What I did

I had a look around and found that Carp Porter sell spare parts for all their barrows which was great news. I found the cheapest spare wheel which was on eBay and bought it straight way. It came in a few days so I only had the task of fitting the wheel to my Barrow.

On first inspection the box only had the pre pumped thick puncture proof wheel and some washers and separators but no instructions.

Changing the wheel over wasn’t really as hard as I first thought and all you need is 2 wrenches, one to hold the other end while you’re unscrewing the other nut.

Things you need to change over a wheel for your carp porter barrow

I hope this has helped you with your barrow issues and any question leave them in the comment below and I’ll do my best to advise you on your barrow issues.

If you are a carp fishing tackle addict like me, you will love my other carp tackle reviews and other related posts on my blog.

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  1. Darren Darren

    Hi. How tight would do the nuts up,when placing the wheel back on?

    • Hey Darren sorry for the delay I believe I tightened it up fully then loosened it slightly from there but don’t loosen it too much

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