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FAQ Tackle – Leads, Carp Species and Particles

faq tackle - particles, leads and carp speciesIn this week’s instalment of FAQ Tackle I answer the questions; What lead’s do I use? What’s my favourite species of carp? How and when do I use particles?

I’m excited to answer your questions so let’s get started!

What leads do you use?

In carp fishing there are two different popular types of leads; swivel and inline leads. I use both types depending on the lake bottom and spot that I’m fishing.

Seventy percent of the time I will use an inline(square pear type) mainly because I believe it has more effective anti tangle properties and you cast an inline more accurately but this is just a person preference.

In deep silt and weedy conditions I would change over to a swivel type lead on a safety clip.

Mirrors or commons – Your favourite?

I love all species of carp but if I had to choose to catch between a common or a mirror, it would have to be a common carp. Commons are beautiful creatures especially in the autumn and winter months.

Here’s some of my favourite common captures:




You got to love the commons!

Particles? Do you use them?

particlesParticles are one of the best attractors for catching specimen carp and I tend to use them if I’m fishing lakes with a larger stock of fish.

The particles will cause the fish compete with each other and make the carp use to feeding on your chosen spot.

Although you can find ready prepared particles in most tackle shops they can be costly so I like to prepare my own at home which also gives me an edge.

Where do I buy my particles from you’re asking?
Well I buy mine from an animal feed store which I normal can buy in bulk which is very cheep.

What particles do I use?
To be honest I’m not too fused what’s in my particle mix as long as it contains hemp and sweetcorn.

I bulk out my particle mix with partiblend, pigeon conditioner, groats, maple peas and tiger nuts if lakes rules allow it.

How do I like to prepare my particles?
I normal soak my particles for around 24/48 hours then once I boil the particles for around half an hour I’ll leave them in a sealed bucket for a few days before fishing.

You can add extra attraction by adding oils or favours after you’ve finished the boiling process. I like to add hemp oil, rock salt and chilli flakes.

I’ve also used condensed milk in past with enormous effect but just a warning it can be a little sticky so I would use a bait spoon with your particles.

Suggestion of the week

8 ways to avoid tangles in carp fishingMy suggestion of the week is for you to check out my guide on how you can avoid rig tangles in your own carp fishing.

After years of getting tangles every now and then I believe that these 8 methods will prevent tangles which will help you catch more fish and prevent wasting hours on the bank.

Well I hope you have enjoyed this week’s FAQ Tackle and if you have any questions on any of the topics covered this week FAQ Tackle or you have question you want featured in the next FAQ Tackle please leave them in the comments below.

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