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Four Ways to Save Money and Still Go Carp Fishing

savemoneyandstillgocarpfishingWelcome to four ways you can save money and still go carp fishing. This week we will go through four ways that I’ve personally used to save money and still go carp fishing.

Fishing doesn’t have to be expensive, you just have to think outside the box, get creative and put a little more preparation into your next session.

Let’s get started…

Be bait smart..

particlesThe best thing you can do if on a budget but want to catch large carp is to buy bait in bulk. I recently bought a 25kg bag of halibut pellets for £20 from my local farm feed shop which was a real bargain and will last me at least a year.

Buying bulk is great for a pre baiting campaign when targeting large carp, bait items such as pellets, particles, dog biscuits etc can be bought in bulk at very cheap prices, you just have to shop around.

Ever tried making you own boilies at home? Well if you the spare time I would recommend making your own baits. Making your own boilies is very rewarding giving you an edge over others and can be very cheap.

Making boilies is a little hobby of mine and I love making different types of boilies and also attempt to imitate famous tackle bought boilies.

Check out my homemade boilies quest blog for my info including recipes I’ve used to successfully catch large carp.

Making boilies is not the only thing you can make at home, you can make baits such as groundbaits and stick mixes out of supermarket ingredients such as breadcrumbs, chilli flakes, tuna etc the possibilities are endless.

For bulk bait buying if you live near the Hampshire/Surrey area I recommend a farm feed shop called Rokers and if you live near Aylesford in Kent I recommend Pinions.

Don’t be so wasteful

Don’t throw away bait at the end of your session freeze it or air dry it. Reusing hook’s is a good way to save money, one way to do this is to buy a hook sharpening kit this will make your hooks sharper than when they came out of the packet.

Join a club or syndicate water

It may seem a great deal of money for a season ticket for a private water but the amount of money you will save on day tickets makes it all worth it.

Rationing items

Just buy less food, drink and other pleasures you normally bring to the bank. In the past I’ve been guilty of overdoing it when it comes to food and drink for a session on the bank. I found things like soup and tea can easily get you through the day but I guess that won’t suit everyone.

I would love to create a food/meals section for the blog for other anglers and myself to share cheap and effective meals for the bank so look out for that in the future, if you think this is a good idea let me know in the comments below.

Top tips

zig rig fishingYou can find good quality non branded carpy stuff such as clothing(hoodies, t-shirts) on amazon and eBay.

I would avoid cheap terminal tackle because using reliable tackle is very important for catching more fish on the bank.

And remember if you’re interested in a curtain product I would always read a few trustful reviews before investing, trust me you don’t want waste your money like I have in the past.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short article of saving money in your own carp fishing. When times are hard you can always go carp fishing, you just have to think outside the box at times.

Please check out our other carpy posts and tackle reviews, you’ll love them!

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