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Organisation Is Key to a Successful Fishing Trip

organisation_is_key_to_a_successful_fishing_tripThis week we discuss how being organised and prepared can give you a stress free fishing trip.

We’ve all done it, left that one piece of gear vital to a successful fishing trip.

Personally I’ve accounted numerous times turning up to a session without a bedchair, the right bait and even my alarms so I’ve now put some steps in place so forgetting gear would never happen again.

It’s not just forgetting tackle that’s the issue, you can also be organised in other ways to help you be as successful as you can with the limited time you have on the bank.

Below are my top tips for being organised for an up and coming session.

The list

evernote-screenshotI now make lists for everything and write down ideas for my next session.

I use an app called Evernote which you can login to any device you have and access your lists and ideas.

Evernote has tons of useful features which makes it easy to create checkbox type lists which I normally use once everything is in the car ready to start to my session.

Once your session is over and you’re already planning your next session, simply uncheck(untick) your list ready for the next session or if you want to create another similar list just duplicate that list to get you started with a new list.

Lists will be your new best friend.


fishery-fbpageOne helpful tip is to do some homework on the lake especially if you don’t know it very well.

Find out what has been working well recently and find out what fish have come out.

The first step I would do is to scout out the lake a few days/weeks before you intend to fish it, walk around and look out for fish, talk to the anglers there and have a chat with the bailiff.

If you are unable to have a walk around then I would advise looking on their website and find out if they have any social network pages like a Facebook page. Facebook is extremely effective for finding out recent captures and asking any questions you may have about the fishery.

Look back

Looking back to previous sessions can help you figure out the spot to fish, the rig to use and the bait you take with you.

If you can I would advise keeping some sort of session log with info like casting distances, features, bait used and where you fished. A simple notepad will do or use your new friend Evernote if you love your tech like me.

Pack the car the night before

You may do this already but packing the car the night before a session can take some stresses away and you simply can focus on arriving to the lake and start fishing.

The early bird catches the worm

Try to arrive at the lake as early as you can or turn up when things are at its quietest. Being at the lake early will allow you to spot feeding fish, bubbles and see any other signs of life in the water.

Prepare your rigs and bait

This may sound simple but tying rigs, making PVA bags and making sure your bait is correct can save you a lot of time on the bank.

When I decide to use solid PVA bags for my next session I will make up 4 or 5 of the same rig in solid bags ready to tie on and cast out there.


Thank you for reading my top tips on being organised when fishing. If you follow these simple steps then all your fishing trips will be successful, stress free so you can enjoy yourself.

If you have any organisation tips of your own I would love to hear them in the comments below.

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