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How to Fix a Broken ‘Tf Gear Mag Runner Ignite Alarm’ Receiver

tfg-mag-runnerI love my set of Ignite Mag Runner alarms but for the past year my receiver was completely broken.

Recently I attempted and successfully fixed my receiver issue and here’s the steps I took to fix it.

Follow these steps

Step 1: Make sure everything is dried out including alarms and receiver.

Step 2: Replace the batteries – After buying the wrong batteries I realised you need MN21 batteries which are dirt cheap.

Step 3: Make sure the alarms and receiver are linked together – You do this by removing the back and the batteries from the alarms and receiver. Make sure that the four switches on the alarms and receiver are the patterned the same. I switched the switches all down on the alarms and receiver and it paired together.

If you followed these steps you should be able to fix your receiver issue. If you fixed your set in a different way please let us know by commenting below.

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