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How to Tie the Sneaky Rig – #1 Rig Tutorials

Sneaky solid bag rigThis week we’re going to let you into a little secret called the “Sneaky Rig”.

Why the name the Sneaky Rig you ask, well it’s made up from common components but with a little edge that I guaranty will never have been used on your lake before.

This rig has resulted in large carp captures from pressured and historically difficult venues.

Designed for the wariest of carp that’s seen every trick in the book. This rig is tangle proof and ideal for a variety of lake beds.

Let’s get started

The components you will need for this rig is the following:

  • Size 6 hook (Korda Kurv or Krank patterns work are ideal)
  • Korda N-trap soft 15lb/20lb
  • 3oz square pear lead
  • ESP anti tangle sleeves
  • Korda shockleader sleeves
  • Korda Stik clip
  • Boilie stops
  • Leader (leadcore or safezone)

  • Mainline Dumbell New Grange hard hookers

  • Enterprise micro corn (yellow)

  • Korda small solid bags

  • 2/4 mm halibut pellets


  • Baiting needle
  • Braid scissors
  • Long latch needle
  • Coated braid stripping tool

Step 1: Putting the hook bait on

Firstly cut off around ten inches of Korda N-trap soft and strip off half of the coating.

Create a loop like you would normally do to create a hair rig (figure of eight loop) .

Grab a baiting needle and thread a single piece of micro corn. Next thread on the New Grange hard hooker dumbbell sideways.

Grab a pair of scissors and cut both ends of the dumbbell so you create a pellet type shape.

Step 2: Add the rig ring

After you’ve threaded the hookbait onto the loop and secured it with a boilie stop, you can now add the rig ring.

Thread it through the braid and leave at least a two centimeter gap between the bait and the rig ring.

Knot the rig ring in place; a top tip is to knot it twice.

Step 3: Add the hook

Next step is to add the size 6 hook. Thread it through the braid and rig ring. You will want the rig ring to be positioned just before the bend of the hook and secure the hook with a knotless knot.

Step 4: Create the loop

On the other end of the rig you will need to create a figure of eight loop, making sure the length of the rig is between 3 to 5 inches.

Grab your baiting needle and thread a ESP anti tangle sleeve on to the rig.

Step 5: The leader

If you have a safezone or a ready tied leadcore leader then that’s excellent news but if you don’t you will need to either buy a ready tied leader or produce your own leadcore leader by purchasing some leadcore(Korda Kable), a splicing needle and a packet of size 8 swivels.

Making sure on the swivel end of the leader you attach a Korda Stik clip so you can easily change hook links if you need too.

Next attach your rigs loop end to your quick change clip(Korda Stik clip) and push the anti tangle sleeve over the clip.

Step 6: Add the lead

Grab yourself a 3oz square pear lead and remove the hard plastic insert that comes with it.

Thread a shocker leader sleeve onto a long latch needle and thread this onto your leader. Next thread the inline lead onto the leader and push everything up to the swivel end.

Step 7: Make a solid bag

You will need a PVA solid bag for this step I use the Korda Solid Bags in small. Firstly add the hooklink into the bag and hook it to the bottom.

Check the hair is not tangled and start adding your pellets.

Fill up half the bag with pellets then squeeze the bag and knock it gently on a side of a bucket so the pellets get into every little gap. Now add the lead into the bag and lightly fill the bag a little more pellets up to ¾ full but don’t fill it up too much.

Twist the bag and knock it again to compact it then lick the twisted area. If you’re casting the bag at a long distance you can make it even more aerodynamic by folding back the corners and securing them with a little saliva.


So there you go you have now learnt an awesomely effective ‘Sneaky’ rig that catch specimen carp.

Hope you’ve learnt something from the guide and if you have made any adjustments or tweaks of your own to the Sneaky Rig then let us know in the comments below we love to hear about them!

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Main Image Caption: @ConnorAngler with Frimley Pit 1’s ‘Pretty Fish‘ caught using the ‘Sneaky’ rig

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