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Top 10 Carp Fishing Tackle Reviews of 2015

Welcome to this year’s round up of the best carp tackle reviews featured on the CTR blog.

It’s been a great year for new and exciting tackle designed for all us anglers to enjoy. I’m already looking forward to seeing what tackle we have in store for 2016.

Below are our favourite tackle reviews from this year, enjoy…

Reuben Heaton Classic Carp Weighing Scales Review

For over 20 years, these scales by Reuben Heaton have dominated the scales market in carp fishing.

The Review: Reuben Heaton Classic Carp Weighing Scales
Find out in this review why these scales have such an incredible reputation for being the most accurate and reliable scales in carp fishing.

The Trakker Sanctuary Retention Sling Review

Find out what makes this multi purpose retention sling by Trakker the best carp sling on the market.

The Trakker Sanctuary Retention Sling Review
In this review you will learn how this product can make your fishing a lot less hectic and stressful for you and the fish on the bank.

Wychwood Solace Fishing Brolly Review

Find out what situations this brolly is designed for and why using a brolly is more effective than using a tradition bivvy.

Wychood Solace Brolly Review
This review uncovers all of the Wychwood Solace Brolly top features that makes it the most portable brolly style shelter on the market.

Wychwood Exorcist Big Pit Reel Review

Thinking of buying a new set of carp reels but can’t afford the very high end of the reels market? If you’re looking for an affordable, quality reel for long range casting.

Wychwood Exorcist Big Pit Reel Review
Then take a look at our review of Wychwood’s Exorcist Big Pit Reel for an inspection of all the features it has to offer.

Korda Kaptor Hooks Review

Before you buy your next set of carp hooks make sure you check out this review of Korda’s Kaptor hook range.

Korda Kaptor Kurv Shank Hooks Review
We delve deep into what make these hook’s different from other ranges on the market. Are these hook value for money? And are these hook truly non reflective underwater.

ESP PVA Mesh Review

If you’re on the hunt for a top quality PVA mesh then theres none better than the ESP PVA Mesh. Made with a finely weaved mesh ideal for numerous baits such as stick mixes, boilies and particles.

esp pva mesh kits review
This review uncovers how this PVA mesh is the best PVA for mesh bags in the world of carp fishing.

Avid Carp PinDown Hooklink Review

Find out what rigs this braid is specially design for and how it performs in the water.

Avid Pindown Hooklink Review
The review compares it to other braided hooklinks on the market and you find out what captures have been accounted for using the Avid’s Pindown hooklink material.

Nash H-Gun Rod Pod Review

Love them or hate them, rod pod’s in certain situations are a must have item.

Nash H-gun Rod Pod Review
Find out what situations this H-Gun Rod Pod by Nash is designed for and how it compares with other rod pods on the market.

The JRC Stealth X-Lite Chair Review

With the word ‘Lite’ in the model name does this fishing chair by JRC really live up it’s name by being an extra light weight chair?

JRC Stealth X-Lite Chair Review
This review reveals all the features of this chair and how it fares in price compared to other chairs on the market.

Avid Carp Bait Screw Review

Are you an angler that loves to chop and change your hookbaits? Well I have a feeling you will love these bait screws by Avid.

Avid bait screws review
Made from a soft plastic material, these bait screws have revolutionised popular carp rigs such as the chod rig by making switching over hookbaits an easier job compared to using the conventional static bait floss set up.


I hope you have enjoyed this year top reviews of the CTR blog.

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