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Preparing for Carp Fishing in 2016

22lb14lbmirror-chequertreeA new year and a new start. A time to reflect on last years sessions and captures.

And also a time to prepare yourself for the new year’s carp fishing sessions and maximize your chances of capturing your target fish or a new personal best.

In this article I will go through some tips that you can put into action at this time of year to prepare for the new year’s carp fishing.

Have a clear out

It’s time to clear out any unused gear. One little tip, think to yourself “When was the last time I used that?”.

If the answer is over 6 months, then sell it or throw it away. It’s not worth cluttering up your tackle bags for the sake of “I may use that one day…”.


kordacornOnce you have had a clear out of all your unused gear, it’s time to stock up of the tackle you do commonly use such as hooks, leads, braid, PVA, bait, tools etc ready for the new year’s fishing.

If you came into some money over Xmas something like some new weighing scales or a barrow would be ideal.

This time of the year online tackle shops have some great deals on high end items such as reels and rods.

Scale down your gear

I normally do this every year and it does make your fishing a lot more enjoyable.

If you can fit all your sessions gear more compactly, it will allow you to move around the lake easier, travel lighter and will make it quicker to pack away.

Set yourself a goal

18lbcommonIt’s very easy to get distracted or become uninterested in going fishing from time to time so setting yourself a goal or two will give you that drive to capture the fish of a lifetime. Set the goal to be manageable for you and your abilities.

My goal next year will be to do at least one night session every two weeks at my local private lake.

I believe that setting this goal will give me a better chance of figuring out the lakes and capturing some of the bigger carp in the lake.


Thanks for reading how I prepare for the new year and I hope you have picked up a tip or two.

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