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Netflix for Carp Anglers? Yes Please!

carpflix-logoToday we are very proud to be announcing a new project for carp anglers from CatchApps.

The new project is called ‘CarpFlix’ and it’s essentially a free carp fishing video library.

Whats makes CarpFlix different?

carpflix-iphone The idea for CarpFlix is a simple website that you can find the best free carp fishing videos online.

We tried to build Carpflix so it can be easy accessed, simple to use and allow the users to subscribe to get the latest videos added.

We built it with mobile users in mind but also works great on desktops and tablets.

Every video added to CarpFlix is also automatically tweeted to its well worth following the CarpFlix twitter account.

How can you get involved?

CatchApps build websites and apps for anglers because we want to create a community and build things that can help us on the bank.

If you enjoy using CarpFlix why not submit a youtube video you would love to see on the site by filling in the ‘submit a video’ form.

What does CarpFlix have planned for the future?

carpflix-desktopCurrently the CarpFlix library is Youtube only videos but we plan to add other video sharing sites such as Vimeo.

We also have an idea of creating unique Carpflix exclusive videos for those who subscribe.

Got any issues?

We have very recently rolled out Carpflix so we are expecting a bug or two. If you have any issues with the site and you can’t access the videos then please send us a private message on the CarpFlix twitter account. We would love to hear any bugs and issues you have with the site so everyone can enjoy it.

Check it out!

So what you waiting for head on over to CarpFlix and subscribe to this awesome carp fishing library.

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