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Faq Tackle – ‘Go Anywhere’ Carp Rigs, Pellet Attraction and Homemade Boilies

faqtackleIn this week’s installment of FAQ Tackle you asked the questions..

What would be your ‘take anywhere’ rig? Can you improve the attraction of regular pellets? and.. How do you start making your own boilies?

I’m excited to answer your questions so let’s get started!

What would be your ‘go anywhere’ rig?

If I’m approaching a new venue for the first time, I would always try to keep the rig set up as simple as possible.

I would start with a 7-10 inch hair rig with a swivel lead clip set up. If I was fishing a water that I knew had a large amount of debris or weed on the bottom I would use the ‘sneaky’ solid bag rig as 9/10 times it presents itself nicely on the bottom.

So a simple 7-10 inch hair rig or a ‘sneaky’ style solid bag rig would be my ‘go anywhere’ rig.

If you find a rig that you have confidence in I would always start with that, instead of deciding to use the latest fashionable rig or a popular rig used by the locals.

Can you improve the attraction of regular pellets?

I love to tweak my pellets because you can create a real edge over other anglers pellets.

Soaking pellets in a liquid can also pull the carp down from different layers of the water to feed on the bottom layers.

During the summer months my top liquids would be oils such as hemp oil or salmon oil.

But in the winter months, oils are not so effective because of the low temperatures of the water it causes the oils to congeal. So low oil liquids, glugs and even lake water can switch the carp to feed on your spot.

How do you start making your own boilies?

I have been making my own boilies for a few years now and documenting my recipes and the techniques I’ve used on my homemade boilies blog.

Making boilies can be very rewarding and I love being creative with different flavour combinations and experimenting with different ingredients.

If you want to start making your own boilie I would always start with a simple recipe and catch a few fish with it.

If you have never tried making your own boilies head on over to my boilies blog, for advice on getting started with making your own baits.

Suggestion of the week!

My suggestion of the week is for you to keep an eye out for a fishing show near you.

In the next few months there is going to be a whole host of awesome fishing shows and events featuring tutorials by pro anglers and a chance for the top tackle companies to show off their new tackle releases for 2016.

If you live near Surrey/Hampshire in the UK then check out The Big One. This show is full of top anglers, new bait, new tackle and tons of angling fun.

Thanks for reading

Thanks for reading this week’s FAQ Tackle and I hope you enjoyed it.

If you have any carp fishing related questions then we would love to hear them and possibly feature the question in a future edition of FAQ Tackle.

Please check out our other carp tackle reviews and tips, also don’t forget to subscribe to get the latest.

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