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Best Affordable Bivvy? The Chub RS-Plus Max Bivvy Review

maxpluschubbivvyThis week’s review is the RS-Plus Max Bivvy from one of the finest tackle brands on the market Chub.

We find out what makes this bivvy one of the best bivvies for your money.

We look at all the features that’s included with this bivvy and details such as how long it takes to assemble.

I’ve been using this bivvy for around two years now and I have no intentions of replacing it anytime soon. This bivvy has plenty of room and is a life saver when the weather is a little nasty.

Chub RS-Plus Bivvy Review

chubbivvyThe Chub RS-Plus Bivvy has a solid, robust structure which is ideal for all weather conditions.

The bivvy includes built in shock-corded pegging points which is essential for adding extra pegs in case of extreme windy conditions which keeps the structure solid.

One of the reasons I love this bivvy so much is there is so many interchangeable door options, you can have the bivvy setup you desire.

It has a mozzie door option, a clear door option and you can also zip off the whole front section of the bivvy which is great for the warmer weather.

The RS-Plus Max has an extendable pram hood which reduces the amount rain that can come into the bivvy and creates more shade in sunnier weather. Please note that the extended hood is not included on all of the Chub RS bivvy models.

chubrsplusbivvyThe bivvy surprisingly has a huge amount of room inside even though it looks smaller from the outside. It has plenty of room at the back on the bivvy because of the way it’s structurally shaped.

This bivvy is built with anglers in mind with included rod straps which makes changing or tweaking rigs easy.

If you like the comfort of using an overwrap, there is an optional overwrap available for all the models in the RS-Plus range.

More Details

  • Lightweight bivvy weighing around 8kg
  • 1 man bivvy
  • A unique 3-pole 3-section frame
  • Inline tension bars for a solid structure

How long does it take to put up?

When I first used this bivvy it did take a while to disassemble it mainly because I skipped the instructions as we usually do. I would highly recommend you watch an instructional video or read up on it if you have never used a bivvy with a similar inline lay pole structure. After using the bivvy 2 or 3 times, you can disassemble it in a matter of minutes which it great for the mobile type angler.

What’s included with the bivvy?

The RS bivvy comes with quality and durable bivvy bag with handles which keeps the bivvy compact. perfect for transporting around. The bivvy also includes high quality screw style bivvy T-pegs with a drawstring bag and a detachable groundsheet.

Learn more about the RS-Plus range

The RS-Plus Max is the full bivvy system in the RS-Plus range. If you don’t need all these features included in RS-Plus Max you can find scaled down models which are lighter and smaller.

Find out more about the different models in the range by watching the video below.

Where can I find it?

You can find this bivvy in most Chub stockists or you can find it online for a little cheaper than the retail price from sites such as amazon or ebay.


Thanks for reading our review of the Chub RS-Plus Max Bivvy.

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