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Best Bivvy Light? The Ridgemonkey Bivvy Lite Duo Review

Ridgemonkey Bivvy Lite DuoThis week’s review is the Bivvy Lite Duo by innovators RidgeMonkey.

We find out why this bivvy light is the best light on the market.

We look into the reasons the light is so useful and how it can help you be more productive and help you catch more fish on the bank.

Why did I buy this light?

Lite up bivvyI’ve been looking for a light for my bivvy for a few months now but I found nothing that I could virtually hang anywhere.

I was so glad I found this bivvy light by RidgeMonkey and it has made night fishing a lot more productive because I can tie rigs, sort my tackle and change rigs with ease.

Below is a list of the top features and reasons why you should own one of these slick fishing gadgets.

The RidgeMonkey Bivvy Light Duo

4 different light options

bivvylight2One thing I love about this bivvy light is the amount of light options you have, ideal for different situations or preference.

The light comes with a white full beam, a half beam, a red full beam and a red half beam which is simply controlled with a single button.

The red light options are designed to give you enough light in your bivvy but allows your eyes to adjust so you can see out on to the lake.

The half red beam is my preferred option although if I’m tying rigs I would use the half white beam.

Bivvy light features

ridgemonkey lightThe light has a unique magnet system which ideal for attaching the light to the roof of the bivvy or wherever you wish. The magnet is very strong and can withstand extreme weather such as strong winds.

The light includes a lithium battery which has 120 hours of battery life and is fully rechargeable so there is no need for batteries.

The light comes with a USB to Micro USB cable which is ideal for charging the light virtually anywhere such as the car or a laptop.

The light has a compact design and is surprisingly lightweight.

The duo comes with two lanyards in addition to the magnet which allows you hang the light on any type of hook if you wish to do so.

There is a light case available separately so you can prevent any damage to the light when transporting your tackle around.

Find out more about the light

If you would like to find out more about this light by RidgeMonkey then check out this video below.

Where and how much was it?

I bought this light from amazon for around £32 which I feel is truly value for money.

With all the features included with the added 120 hours battery life, this light is definitely worth the money.

Is there any drawbacks to this light?

Although this is one of my favourite products I’ve bought recently, I believe there is a few features that could be added in the future that would make this product even better.

One of the features I would like to see is a motion or sound detection feature so if you get up for a take in the middle of the night the bivvy light comes on automatically.

Another feature I would love to see is possibly a remote for the light for convenience.

UPDATE: RidgeMonkey listened to the feedback from their customers including this review and they released a remote version of the light which is a little more expensive than the regular light but you do get more functionality, find the remote version here.

I would love to see RidgeMonkey release different sized versions of these lights too.


bivvy lightThanks for reading our review of the RidgeMonkey Bivvy Lite Duo. I hope you have learnt the reason why we love this now essential piece of kit for fishing at night.

If you have any questions about this product then give us a comment below. Been using the light for a few months now so we can give you a helpful answer.

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  1. George Sutch George Sutch

    I’ve got a light and was wondering does it flash red when it’s fully charged ? I’ve used it for hours and it only flashes red when charging I have left it on charge for a night but still flashes ?

    • Hey George I have the same issue too I thought it would change colour but seems to stay red. Maybe to get in contact with RidgeMonkey and see what they say.

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