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6 Ways to Be More Mobile in Carp Fishing

mobile carp fishingThis week we’re going to discuss more ways you can keep mobile in your own carp fishing.

Personally I’ve been applying this approach for the past year and I believe it has helped me to catch more fish on the bank.

Below is a list of ways that will help you stay mobile and catch bonus fish.


Setting up your sessions rigs plus multiple back up rigs just in case of breakages or lost rigs is great preparation.

You can do the same with pva bags too, if you’re using solid bags then have a few fully set up ready to tie to your mainline and cast out.

Always keep an eye out for the weather conditions and wind direction by using weather apps or website such as BBC Weather or Accuweather.

Lighten and scale down your gear

Don't take to much tackle
When fishing mobile style don’t take all the gear you own, just the necessities.

For the past year I’ve been scaling my gear down, giving me an overall lighter setup which helps me move around the lake much easier.

In carp fishing we all love buying my tackle but when fishing the mobile style you will have to take far less stuff than if you was planning to fish static sit and wait style.

It’s not just taking less stuff that will help you, take a look at the gear you have and find out what each item weighs because having a lighter bedchair and bivvy etc will make your overall setup much more manageable.

Pre bait a few spots

Another great tip for fishing the mobile approach is to pre bait. If you have the time, pre bait a few days before or just simply the same day.

Bait up at least 4 or 5 different spots then work your way around them throughout the session.

Use your eyes and ears

When fishing the mobile approach one of the biggest tools you have will be your eyes and ears. If you’re not having much luck and you see a few carp jumping out on the other end of the lake then that’s a clear indication to move.

Keep up your strength and energy

Even though scaling down you gear is vital to the mobile approach there is some gear that’s essential. Keeping up your strength with a hot drink and some food will give you the drive to move if need be. Also a hot drink can also perk you up during those colder months.

Keep an on weather conditions

While fishing mobile style always keep an eye out for wind direction and be on the lookout for any changes in the wind direction. If the wind is bitterly cold being on the back of it will be warmer for you and the fish.


26lbmirror-churchfarm2Being mobile is a great approach for finding the fish, instead of the baiting and waiting approach.

I hope you picked up a few tips throughout this short guide.

If you have any question on fishing mobile style then add them to the comments below.

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