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Carp Tackle and Bait to Look out for in 2016 so far…

After a month of new tackle and bait releases, this week we discuss some of the gear we will be seeing a lot more of as the year progresses.

Here’s a list of tackle and bait that we all excited to see and use in 2016 so far.

Tackle being released this year

Korda Zig magnet

Korda Zig Magnet

  • Designed for the zig rig enthusiast
  • Allows you to cast safely without nicking any sticks, rock or trees behind you
  • Screws into any storm pole or bankstick
  • Built in strong magnet to hold your hook and hookbait in place until you cast out
  • Built for longer zig’s in mind

Korda Black and Whites Indicators

  • Design by Damien Clarke
  • A slick futuristic bobbin style design
  • Initially designed for fishing with a tight line at range or against features
  • Look completely different to the stow design

Wychwood t bar digital scales

Wychwood dual screen scales

  • Dual screen so you and others can share weigh reading duties at the same time
  • Upgraded cosmetics such as the new black paint job
  • T-bar and scales as one combined product
  • Affordable accurate scales for carp fishing

Wychwood stove

Wychwood stove

  • New futuristic design
  • Light, compact and stable
  • Strong power output
  • Comes with padded case

Avid indicators

Avid indicators

  • Slick bobbin design
  • Screw and unscrew different options
  • Designed with long and close range fishing in mind
  • Various colour options available

Shimano Tribal reels

Shimano reels

  • Slick black and silver design
  • Big pit style
  • Quality and reliable reel

Bait being released this year

Spotted Fin

Spotted Fin

  • Brand new bait company
  • Products for carp anglers and bait enthusiasts in mind
  • Slick branding and package design
  • Product information soon to be released

CCMoore pacific tuna range

CCMoore pacific tuna

  • Like previous ranges before it, large captures have already been out using this bait range
  • Extensively tested with great results
  • Large amount of items available in this range such as liquids, pellets, pop ups and wafers
  • All natural ingredients that carp love

CCMoore krill micro mass

Krill Micromass

  • A natural product
  • Can be used in various ways to attract the carp to your hookbait
  • Super oily and fishy attractor
  • Gets the fish grubbing on the bottom

Sticky baits manilla range


  • Extensive testing leading to some successful captures
  • Packaged full of carp attractors such as peanut meal and vanilla extract
  • Designed to be an all year round bait
  • The sticky baits team contains some of the top names in angling


Thanks for reading our guide to the tackle and bait we’re all looking forward to using this year. Obviously this not all the new stuff planned for this just a handful of top products that have been shown so far.

For those interested in learning more about the tackle and bait being released this year, I would highly advise you visit one of the angling shows which are dotted around the country this year.

I personally will be attending The Big One in Farnborough, Hampshire. I’m looking forward to checking out all the new tackle and talking to some of my angling idols.

Thanks for reading this guide on the top tackle and bait being released this year. If you enjoyed this post please be sure to check out our other tackle reviews and carp fishing guides.

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  1. George Haughton George Haughton

    Hi sorry to be cheeky but is their any chance of some free samples please

    • I don’t own any of these companys lol This post is just a collection of the latest tackle be released this year.

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