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The Top Pick’s From The Big One Fishing Show

thebigoneThis year’s The Big One Fishing Show was no doubtedly the biggest yet and was complete with some of the greatest professional anglers in the business.

Here’s some of the top pick’s of the latest tackle and bait shown at The Big One 2016 fishing show in Farnborough.

Wychwood Stove

A stove that has a very unique design and has a much larger surface than some of other stoves on the market.

Wychwood Stove

Bait Tec ‘The Juice’

A liquid that you won’t be able to guess the favour combinations but this liquid look’s great for boilie soaking, stick mixes and particles.

Bait-Tech 'The Juice'

Avid Overnighter Yard Sticks

Distance stick’s with extra features that makes them a great product. These sticks come with details marker’s on the 12 ft rope so you get an even more accurate cast, lets say your fishing close to a feature. These stick’s have glow in the dark tips which are great for night fishing and also are curved making retrieving the line an ease.. great work Avid!

Sticky Bait’s Manilla

A promising looking bait that will account for lots of big captures in the coming year’s. I can’t wait to try this bait out!!

Sticky Baits Manilla

Please check the rest of the photo’s below from The Big One including one of the biggest bivvies I’ve ever seen from JRC that thing is huge!

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