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5 Ways to Prevent Being Burnt out by Carp Fishing

If you ever had the thought, I’m going to give up this carp fishing game for a set of golf clubs then hold up!!

This week we have put together 5 different ways to prevent the carp fishing burn out.

Let’s get started!!

Fish for something else

Sometimes mixing it up can save you from completely giving it up. If you’re a solid carp angler you could try fishing for something different for a few months or even a season or two.

Try match, fly, sea or river fishing, you be surprised how exciting these types of fishing are and will take you back to those magical moments when you was just starting out.

Introduce a friend to carp fishing

Teaching a friend to fish can spark the enjoyment you had when it all started. It’s what fishing is all about, being social and enjoying the outdoors. Going fishing with a friend can often give you new ideas and usually improve your fishing session.

Take up golf

All though an ongoing joke in carp fishing it does have a point. By taking up a side hobby from your main hobby can help you enjoy and take a break from repetition.

Watch and read carpy goodness

If you’re feeling uninspired it’s always a good idea to read a few magazines, blogs and watch some videos on sites like YouTube, Bivvytube or CatchApp’s CarpFlix.

It’s sounds simple, but it really works!

Buy a new piece of tackle

26lbmirror-churchfarm2There is nothing more likely to give you the drive to go fishing is to buy a new piece of tackle.

Wanting to try out a new piece of can be very exciting and you’ll be eager to use it on the bank.

So what are you waiting for get out and go fishing!!


I hope you enjoyed this guide to preventing being burnt out by carp fishing. If you liked this post please be sure to check out our other carp tackle reviews and carp fishing guides.

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