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Best Distance Sticks? Avid Overnighter Yard Sticks Review

aviddistancesticksThis week’s tackle review is the Overnighter Yard Sticks from revolutionary tackle brand Avid.

We go into detail about the features that are included with these sticks and why they are so different from other distance sticks on the market.

If you want to know more about distance sticks in general and how to use them to improve your own fishing then check out this short guide below.

Why I bought them

To be honest with you I’ve never been the most accurate caster so I decided to put an end to that by purchasing and using distance sticks on every session and I believe I’ve had better results since using them.

Below is an overview of the features included this product by Avid and what makes these sticks so different from others on the market.

Avid Overnighter Yard Sticks Review

These distance sticks from Avid are extremely lightweight, compact and small, so they are useful to bring to every session no matter the duration.

The end’s of the sticks come with strong points so you can easily stick in most grounds without the use of a mallet.

What makes these different?

These sticks come with 3 colour toggles which attach to the 12ft cord, which help you wrap up a lot more accurately than other conventional distance sticks.

Shaped with an outer ‘swan neck’ curve, making it an easier to reel in once you have clipped up at your desired distance.

A unique feature to these sticks is that they include glow in the dark tops, making wrapping at your desired distance at night or setting up your gear in the dark much easier.

How much and where from?

You can find these Overnighter Yard Sticks from Avid in most tackle shops or you can simply find them on online from sites like amazon for around £13.99.

Why own distance sticks?

If you need to cast to the same distance and nail your to rig to a feature such as an island every time, then distance sticks are a must.

All you need to do is to clip up at the distance you want to fish then work out by using the distance sticks how many 12ft wraps it is to your chosen spot.

Write this distance down so you can wrap and clip up to that distance every time, so you will be fishing much more accurately and effectively.

If you want to know about these distance sticks from Avid then check out this video below.


Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 12.01.53Thanks for reading our review of the Avid Overnighter Yard Sticks.

If you have any questions about these distance stick make sure you put them in the comments below.

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