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Unnecessary Item? Cygnet Reel Splash Mat

cygnet_splash_matThis week we came across this controversial specialist “tackle protector” product called The Splash Mat from Cygnet that everyone seem’s to have their own opinion on.

We find out if this product is a life saver or a complete waste of your money.

Before you have an opinion, let’s look at the details and find out what the Splash Mat is all about.

What’s it all about?

Cygnet-Splash-MatHave you ever been fishing and it’s pelting down with rain, causing dirt and grit to mess up your clean rod and reels.

Then you spend the whole evening before the next session cleaning your rods and reels ready to start fishing, ah what a waste of time.

Well, this Splash Mat from Cygnet is designed to protect your expensive gear from getting dirty, wet, scratched up and preventing vegetation from interfering your bite indication.

More details of the Splash Mat…

  • At a compact 73 x 39cm, the Mat comes complete with 4 ground spikes giving it ultimate stability
  • Silk black finished soft, lay-flat material

Is it for me?

Is it an unnecessary product? We believe it is. But if you own expensive rods and reels and you want to keep them in as good as new condition, then this product will be for you.

How much is it?

splash-matThis ultimate tackle tart product from Cygnet will only set you back around £18+.

You can find the Cygnet Splash Mat in most specialist tackle shops or you find it online for a little cheaper.

If you take pride in your setup and want it looking even more tarty than this product could be for you.


Thanks for reading our detailed look at the Splash Mat from Cygnet.

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  1. “Have you ever been fishing and it’s pelting down with rain, causing dirt and grit to mess up your clean rod and reels.”

    No i find i get more dirt and mess after reeling in 😉

    There are no situations where this would even come into my fishing.

    • Yeah I think this product is for the elitist tackle tart, It’s not for me either but I do know anglers on my syndicate who use fake grass mat’s as a splash mat so they would love this!

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