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8 Ways to Jazz up Your Solid Bag Fishing

solid-bag2This week we look at 8 ways to jazz up your solid bag fishing, which essentially will lead to more bites on the bank.

With angling becoming more and more popular the fish have seen it all so why not try out a few of these tips below to give yourself an edge.

Use groundbaits or boilie crumb

Using small crumb in your solid bags will get the fish grubbing on your spot for a much longer duration. Using cloudy groundbaits or boilie crumb can draw those carp down to your chosen hookbait at a much quicker rate from every layer of the water.


Essentially attracting the carp not feeding them, so it means you will possibly get more bites.


Like crumb, liquids are a great attractor to drawing the carp down to your hookbait. Try adding liquid inside the bag and fill the gaps or dip the whole bag in liquid.


In the summer months try oils to give off even more attraction, hemp oil, salmon oil and any other fish oils work best, creating a devastating slick.

Try a particles or naturals solid bag

Adding pellets to a solid bag has become the done thing recently, why not try something different. Adding particles or naturals to a solid bag can be deadly as the carp will not have come arross this as often as a pellet filled solid bag.


Many companies produce their own PVA friendly particles which work well for solid bags or you can simply make your own PVA friendly particles. Simply boil up your chosen particles such as hemp, drain as much water as you can, then add salt and oils and store in a sealed bucket until use.

Particles that work particularly well for solid bags are hemp, partiblend, maize and chopped tigernuts but experimenting with others can give you great results.

It’s not just particles that work well in solid bags why not try naturals such as maggots or water snails (Check out CC Moore and Dynamite baits) to give the carp something different to hone in on.

Multiple sized pellets

Using multiple sized pellets will offer a solid bag different breakdown times. The micro pellets will instantly breakdown while the larger pellets will break down over a longer period time giving you solid bag with a lot more attraction than using the same size pellets throughout.

Match the hatch hookbaits

While a boilie or plastic hookbait has been the norm when using solid bags recently, matching the bait you have in your solid bags with your hookbait often can save you from a blank.

A match the hatch hookbait

If you’re using pellets or hemp in your solid bags, why not try a single pellet or black foam with a shot underneath as a hookbait.

Small hookbaits

They say that big bait catch big fish, but this is purely an urban myth in most cases. A small hookbait in amongst a small patch of bait can snarl even the weariest of big carp.

A single plastic maize or a 10mm boilie hookbait in the past have had extremely good results throughout the year.


Bright hookbaits

Sometimes a bright hookbait can get you bites much quicker. A bright yellow, orange, white or pink hookbaits often work best. Even the sight of a bright hookbait can draw carp down to your spot, so it’s well worth giving it a go.

Slow sinking bags

If you’re fishing over weed or debris why not try slow sinking solid bags. To get the bag to flutter down to the bottom simply add 2 or 3 pva foam nuggets or add crushed pop up boilie crumb to you solid bag mix.

Tips for solid bag fishing

  • Make your solid bags as tight and as compact as you, this will make them much more aerodynamic on the cast and the won’t break open until it’s reached the bottom
  • Make up multiple solid bags and rig setups, ready to cast out will get you more bites on your session and less faffing around on the bank



Thanks for reading our 8 ways to jazz up your solid bag fishing.

If you have any questions about solid bag fishing or have a bag edges of your own that you would love to share, leave them in the comments below.

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