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9 Smart Ways to Save Money in Carp Fishing

9 smart ways to save money in carp fishingThis week we look at 9 super smart ways to save money in your own carp fishing.

Carp fishing can be an expensive past time, so over the year’s we’ve gathered some tricks and tips to save money and still enjoy the sport we love.

Saving money in your own carp fishing can prevent most anglers from giving up completely. We would advise though that you don’t cheap out on certain tackle items from experience, such as bite indication, weighing gear, carp care, but there are some tricks and tips, if money is tight.

Let’s get started!

Season tickets

Fishing MembershipIf you’re an avid angler and you’re currently purchasing day tickets on a regular basis and wish to save money then it’s well worth investing in a season or yearly ticket.

With day tickets going up and up recently, purchasing a season ticket can save you lots of money in the long term.

Some syndicates will have seasons, some will allow you to join straight away and some you may need to join a waiting list in order to join.

Do your research before joining a new lake

On the same subject as the tip above, make sure you do your research into the lake you’re looking to buy a ticket for, as if it’s not right for you it can be a complete waste of money. Make sure it fits your style of fishing, has the type of fish you want to target and includes the facilities you require.

Do your research into tackle

Before making your next tackle purchase we would advise doing a little research into it before handing over the money.

Find useful tackle reviews, talk to other anglers and shop around so you don’t waste your money on the wrong product and end up replacing it in the months to come (we have all been there).

bivvy shootout 2015
For example, our guide to the best bivvies is a great resource if you’re looking to purchase a new bivvy including all their features, price and where find them.

Terminal tackle you can find elsewhere

Now I’m giving away a top secret, not all tackle/rigs components can be found in a tackle shop… as a little disclaimer though all the tackle sold by fishing brands have been tested by anglers so it’s more trustworthy thus the price differences.

shrink tube
You can find items such as shrink tube, crimps and other items in builder merchants for much cheaper prices than tackle shops and you can find them in larger quantities you just need to shop around.

Make your own rigs

If you’re making your own rigs already then you can skip this tip, but if you’re not making your own rigs, buying pre tied rigs can be costly, so investing in the terminal components to make your own rigs such as hooks, hooklink material, swivels etc will save you money in the long run.

Making your own carp rigs
Making your own hooklinks, leadcore/leaders and even leads can save you lots of money too.

Be rig smart

hook sharping kitUsing quality rig components will make your rigs last longer that’s a fact, but one way to make sure every bite is counted for, it’s well worth investing in a hook sharpening kit.

This will help keep the point of your hook extra sharp, making it harder for the carp to eject accounting for more bites on the bank.

Buy used tackle

usedtackleshopNot a fan of used tackle your thinking?

You will find people tend look after more expensive items of tackle such as bite alarms and bivvies so finding these items cheaper in relatively good condition is easier than you think.

We would advise buying used tackle from a reputable used tackle dealer and would avoid social media selling pages as they are more likely to be selling stolen tackle which is devastating for the victim.

No need for a pro camera

Smart phones these days are more than capable of taking excellent trophy shots. You can even find accessories that make taking photos on your phone by yourself a great deal easier too.

phone mount
There are plenty of quality photo editing apps such as Instagram that make editing a photo easy, so getting the perfect shot doesn’t have to cost a bomb.

Bait tips

One great bait tip is buy bait in bulk volumes, you can find large quantities of pellets, particles, groundbait etc from some tackle shops, farm feed shops or wholesale food stores.

bulk fishing bait
One effective way to save money on baits and give you a great edge on the bank is making your own bait. You can make your own particles, spod/stick mixes and own homemade boilies, which is so much cheaper than shop bought baits and is easier than you think.


Thanks for reading our 9 smart ways to save money in your own carp fishing.

If you have any questions on the tips featured in this post or you have any money saving tips of your own that you would love to share then please leave them in the comments below.

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