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Best Affordable Waders? Vass 600 Series PVC Chest Waders Review

vass 600 series chest wadersThis week we take a look at the Vass 600 Series PVC Chest Waders.

I have been using them now for around 6 months and have made my fishing so much easier in many different situations.

The reason I invested in to my first pair of waders is because the syndicate lake I’m currently fishing has a few unreachable spots where I’ve seen fish and the only way you can place a bait there is to either get out into the water and cast from there or buy a bait boat.

Buying a bait boat can be an expensive investment and I’m a purist at heart, so I would want to place the rig myself.


Another reason in which waders come in handy is when playing fish, handling fish and putting them back.

If you are new to waders I would highly recommend checking out our short guide below, full of top tips and hints when using waders.

Like anything I invest in I first do plenty of research before I choose to buy it. I went with the Vass 600 Series Waders as they ticked all the boxes for my needs and the reason below will go into more detail about why I chose to buy these waders by Vass.

The Vass 600 wader review

vass wader bracersThe waders are chest high protecting you from depths around 4/5ft and below.

One thing that shocked me when using the waders for the first time was how light and comfortable they actually are in and out of the water.

The Vass 600 waders include a quality Dunlop Wellington gripped boot which is well sealed between the wader and boot. The boot is highly durable, withstanding most obstacles you will find on a lake bottom without breaking apart.

The waders include a large internal front pocket made from the same PVC material as the rest of the wader keeping the pocket’s contents super dry.

vass wader pocketThe front pouch is ideal for keeping items such as cameras, rigs, PVA bags, terminal tackle and even bait (surprisingly up to 2kg).

The elasticated Vass branded braces include Vass’s uniquely designed brace clips which are used throughout their extensive wader range which help you clip on the braces with easy.

The Vass 600 waders come in a dark green colour throughout with black and white braces which blend in very well on any lake or river.

Vass has a huge reputation for making reliable waders and has been used by the country’s most respectable carp anglers including Darrel Peck, James Armstrong, and Simon Crow just to name a few.

You can find these waders by Vass in boot sizes ranging from 6 to 12.

Where and how much?

I have had lots of anglers asking me if I believe they are value for money, well I believe they are. These waders are made by one of the top wader brands out there, worn by some of the UK’s top angling names and you can find a pair of these waders for under £70.

I paid £68 for the Vass 600 waders but you can find them much cheaper online from sites such as amazon or eBay.

Wader top tips

  • When getting in the water you must use a prodding stick to check the depths as some lakes drop in depth drastically
  • Highly recommend asking permission from the lake owner or bailiff before using your waders on the lake
  • Get into the water slowly and take your time when moving around


vass wadersI hope you enjoyed this review of the Vass 600 Series Chest Waders.

If you have any questions about these waders or any other wader related questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below.

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