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New Super Smart Boilie Air Dry System by RidgeMonkey Coming Soon!

ridgemonkey mk2 airdryerRidgemonkey are set to release an all new smart modular boilie air dry system very soon and we’re all very excited about it.

This new air dry system by tackle innovators RidgeMonkey is essentially based on their original air dry system which was the very first product RidgeMonkey released. The new mk2 air dry system has been completely redesigned, including all new handy features which make drying/storing bait on the bank much easier.

The new mk2 will include an all new quick release strap, making it easier to hang and remove the air dry system from any branch without the need to break or look for a short enough branch.

ridgemonkey mk2 airdry system - quick release strap
The straps have been reconfigured making the air dry system even stronger, it includes the same framework as the original and a huge amount of surface area to dry your boilies on.

The new mk2 also includes a quick release boilie caddie, which you can remove from the air dry system and simply strap it around your waist, ready for you to bait up your chosen area.

ridgemonkey mk2 airdryer boilie caddie
Another great feature of the new mk2 air dry system is that it’s modular, meaning you can buy separate air dry sections which you can strap to the two air dry sections included with the mk2.

You can attach an infinite amount of separate air dry sections to the system, so you could dry out as much bait as you wanted using the same air dry system.

Each air dry section can store up to 5kg of boilies and the boilie caddie will store up to 3.5kg.

The air dry mk2 which includes the two air dry sections and the boilies caddie will be priced at £21.99 and the additional air dry sections will be priced at around £8.

ridgemonkey mk2 airdryerWe’re really excited about using one of these new RidgeMonkey mk2 air dry system’s so expect a full review of it when it’s finally released very soon.

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