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Korda’s New Distance Sticks Are Causing Controversy, but Why?

Korda Distance SticksThis week, carp tackle masters Korda let us in on a new product, a stylish pair of distance sticks in conjunction with Jag products.

After the details of the product emerged this week, it seemed to of created an uproar throughout the angling community but why?

Let’s take a closer look…

What’s causing the controversy?

Most of the controversy was caused by the pricing of the product as it will retail for around £60. Which is around three times as much as most distance sticks currently on the market.

For a product that helps to cast to a certain distance every time, is it really worth the £60 price tag, let’s take a closer look at these distance sticks by Korda/Jag.

Korda Distance Sticks close up

But why the price?

After the backlash of comments on social media, Korda hit back with the main reasons for this pricing strategy. In their comments they mention they have spent a huge amount of time and effort into developing and designing this product to make it truly special.

The sticks itself are made mostly from high cost stainless steel and produced by one the best metal manufacturers in the angling trade.

The other features of the sticks include:

  • Excavator auger point (teeth gripped ground point)
  • Distance cord and slot in the sticks
  • Indented ridges to prevent your line from slipping when wrapping up
  • A stainless steel T-bar and slot in the sticks, this will allow you to get the sticks into any ground with ease
  • Tapered isotope holder at the top of the distance sticks, making it super easy to wrap up in the dark
  • Super stylish gun metal grey finish

Is it worth the money?

If you’re fan of Korda/Jag products, these could be the distance sticks for you. Jag has a reputation for highly priced top quality products so this price represents the brand itself. If you want highly reliable sticks that you can take anywhere and will last forever, you may want to check these out.


Although with £60 you could buy a decent(ish) carp rod, reel or weighing scales. But if you’re happy with the kit you currently have and want a high featured, well-designed pair of distance sticks then I would highly recommend them.

When are they set to be released?

Currently no date has been released, but Korda have said the distance sticks will be available from the end of October 2016.

Update: The Korda Distance Stick have been released you can find them here.


Korda Distance SticksThanks for reading our closer look into Korda’s new controversial distance sticks. Will you be buying them or avoiding them? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Philip woodstock Philip woodstock

    How can you justify the price of this product. Let’s get it right the price of these distance sticks with the isotopes is £80. Ok it’s well made but the end of the day it’s a stick you bang in the ground all this Grove nonsense to stop your line slipping of all you need to do is when you bang your sticks in the ground is point them away from each other slightly and this solve the problem isotopes so you can use them at night what about the good old headtorch which I assume most nights anglers have this is how this review should have been written and you know it

    • Thanks for you comment Philip, This is just a first impression post than a review, personally I would never buy them but I’m sure they would suit some anglers, I highly recommend the Avid Nighter Yard Sticks if your looking to buy a new pair of distance sticks

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