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The Best Carp Fishing Books Every Angler Should Own

best-carp-fishing-books-of-all-timeWith so many carp fishing books being released in recent years it’s hard to know which ones are worth reading.

This week we take a look at the most popular, informative and entertaining carp fishing books there is to offer.

Reading a book on the bank is a brilliant way to pass the time while on pursuit of that elusive monster carp. These books will give you the drive to catch, give you handy methods to try and can be very entertaining.

Whether you want to read about the history of carp fishing or want to learn some new techniques to catch a new personal best carp, this list should have you covered.

This list is no particular order so let’s get started…

Carp Fishing Masterclass by Ali Hamidi

This book covers a huge number of carp fishing techniques, designed for beginners and experienced carp anglers. The book includes subjects ranging from watercraft, carp baits to casting techniques and fish safety. This book doesn’t miss out a lot so if you want a book that covers all aspects of carp fishing techniques than this book could be the one for you.

You can find it here

In Pursuit of the Largest by Terry Hearn

Whilst this book is not a technical/tactics book, it reveals what makes Terry Hearn obsess over carp fishing. This book covers all the stories and achievements of Terry Hearn’s early days of carp fishing, mostly centred around his days fishing the famous Yateley complex. This book is guaranteed an enjoyable read and will give you the drive to pursue a monster for yourself.

You can find it here

Subsurface Journal 3 ‘A movement to escape’

The Subsurface collection is more of a document on angling culture and stories rather than a carp fishing book for beginners. This enjoyable read is made up of a number of guest writers, including James Turner, David Meek, Gareth Fareham, Simon Hartop, just to name a few. This latest issue in the collection is full of quality stories, beautiful photography, which is very well put together.

You can find it here

The Carpers High book by Ali Hamidi

This book seems to cover all aspects of carp fishing from stories, achievements, history to techniques and tactics to catch carp from numerous types of venues, home and abroad. Ali shares his high points and occasional lows of his angling career and the achievements himself and his angling buddies have experienced. This book includes quality photography and will sure to keep you entertained whilst on the bank.

You can find it here

Just For The Record (in pursuit of ‘Two Tone’) by Lee Jackson

If you’re a keen carp angler and on the pursuit of an elusive large carp then this could be the read for you. ‘Just for the record’ follows the former carp record holder Lee Jackson on pursuit of Conningbrook’s largest resident ‘Two Tone’. This book is not a ‘how to’ but more a documentation of Lee’s determination to catch this famous monster carp and many others like it.

You can find it here

Every Bit of Blue (My life as a carp angler) by Frank Warwick

This biography covers Frank Warwick’s early days as a carp angler all the way up to modern days. As well as a biography, Frank will give you tricks and tips he’s picked up over the years, including bait and casting tips. This book is a guaranteed enjoyable read, full of Frank’s funny stories he’s witnessed while being a carp angler which can be very entertaining.

You can find it here

Fallen Kings by Dave Levy

Fallen Kings, is the story of first time author Dave Levy. It follows Dave from being a young boy who dreams of catching fish, angling in streams, who grows up to become a well-respected carp angler. This book follows Dave’s adventures at some of the most well-known big-fish waters in the country. This book has a perfect blend of humour, stories and quality photography.

You can find it here

A Flick Of The Tale by Dave Lane

Dave Lane is one of the most respected anglers in the carp world and this book follows his obsession into his carp fishing career. This book covers all of his big-fish adventures since first setting foot on The Mere in 1997, right up to the capture of the famous Black Mirror, Dave’s fifth UK carp over 50lb at that date. If you’re a keen angler that wants to find out what makes Dave Lane a top big-fish angler then this could be the book for you.

You can find it here

A History Of Yateley Vol 1 & 2 by Rob Maylin and Alan Cooper

The Yateley Complex and its famous named carp are known by mostly every carp angler in the country. This book shares the stories and history of this piece of carp fishing history. Anyone pursuing carp from Yateley or simply want to read up on the history of this complex than is a must read collection of books. Covering the captures of the most famous Yateley carp, it’s truly an entertaining read.

You can find it here

Wraysbury Chronicles

Over the years, Wraysbury One has attained almost historical status in the carp angling scene and this book chronicles its amazing history from just after the First World War up to the present day. Following captures of most of the famous carp from the complex, it’s an interesting read for those looking to pursue a mythical Wraysbury carp.

You can find it here

Light My Fire by Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott

Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott is one of the well-know respected anglers on the scene. In this book teaches us there is so much more to carp fishing than just catching carp.

In this book, Chilly explains how he goes about juggling his family/work life with his fishing obsession. This book gives you the highs and lows of the big fish angler’s career so far. It’s truly an enjoyable read for those obsessed with carp fishing.

You can find it here


Thanks for reading our guide to the best carp fishing books of all time. If you have any questions or any recommendations of a carp fishing book that wasn’t mentioned in our list, we would love to hear them in the comments below.

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