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5 Luxury Christmas Gift Ideas for Carp Anglers

luxury-gift-ideas-for-carp-anglersChristmas is a time for giving fantastic gifts to those closest to you, but buying a gift for an angler can be tricky.

Anglers can be fussy, picky and desire only the most carpy-est of Christmas presents.

If you really want to spoil your angler this Christmas with a high end luxury carp fishing gift, this short guide should give you an idea or two and if you have any comments leave them below the post.

Anglers love to show off their gadgets whilst on the bank and some can be very useful. This guide will cover everything from night fishing gadgets, high-end tackle, bait gadgets and some other unique gift ideas that your angler is going to love.

Let’s get started!

Ridge Monkey power pack

ridgemonkey vault powerpack

With lots of power packs on the market it’s hard to avoid the cheaper ones, but this power pack from Ridge Monkey is well worth the money. For example this power pack will give you around 20 full charges of a mobile phone, which is amazing compared the other power packs on the market that will give you around 3 full charges.

The Ridge Monkey power pack doesn’t just charge phones, you can charge virtually any device such as tablets and laptops. It has a tough, robust build quality and is guaranteed to last forever. This power pack is exceptionally good for long fishing sessions home and abroad.

You can find the Ridge Monkey power pack for around £140.



Tegstove is one of the most stylish and functional stoves on the market. Essentially it’s an all in one cooking device.

Yes it’s a stove, but with much more, including a charging facility to charge all your devices on the bank. It includes a more effective way to burn butane making it simple to use at any time of the year.

You can find the Tegstove for around £90.

Delkim bite alarms


Delkims are the most well known bite alarms on the market. Delkims are the most accurate, reliable, long-lasting, popular bite alarms available today.

Most anglers will have different opinions on bite alarms, but receiving a set of Delkim bite alarms will not disappoint. Used by the most well known anglers and only having minor tweaks to the build over the years, have made these a must have tackle item.

You can find a set on 3 Delkim TXI-D bite alarms plus the receiver for under £600. You can find the TXI-D bite alarms individually for around £135 and the receiver for around £150.

Ridge Monkey Throwing Stick

The Ridge Monkey throwing stick is one of the best design bait applicators on the market. Bait up with ease with this tear shaped carbon lightweight throwing stick. This stick includes a gripped, perfectly shaped handle.

The Ridge Monkey Throwing Stick includes super easy bait loading which flows through the stick like a dream. This stick is great for long and short distances and is a highly accurate boilie baiting tool.

The Ridge Monkey Throwing Stick can be found for around £60 which includes a stylish protective carry bag.

Tutorial with pro angler

Now this gift idea is something completely different and is a real experience. A lot of pro anglers are now offering their experience and skills to help you catch more fish on the bank. You can now book a session with a pro angler, which is ideal for beginners but also experienced anglers.

Services such as Korda’s Kordatorial gives you the opportunity to book a 24 hour session with a well known anglers and they will guide you through everything from watercraft to rigs, bait and other useful tips.

The list below includes a collection of carp fishing tutorials available to book today:


Thanks for reading our 5 luxury gift ideas for carp anglers. If you have any questions on any of the gift ideas featured in this guide, then please leave them in the comments below.

If you want more guides like this, please check out our other tackle reviews and news.

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