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The Best Carp Fishing Christmas Presents

merrycarpxmasThis week we take a look at safe but impressive gifts to buy a carp angler this Christmas.

I was recently asked by a close friend who has no knowledge of carp fishing to come up with some safe but impressive Christmas gift ideas for his dad who’s a keen carp angler.

Not knowing what his carp angling dad actually wanted or needed, I came up with a list of gift ideas that any carp angler would love this Christmas. I believe this list would be useful for alot people buying a Christmas gift for a carp angler this year.

If you’re looking to really spoil a carp angler this year, don’t forget to check our Luxury Christmas Gift Ideas for Carp Anglers guide, which we posted a few weeks back.

If you have any questions on any of the items featured in this Christmas gift guide, then please leave them in the comments below, we would be happy to help.

Let’s get started!!

Fox AD Royale Large Loaded Tackle Box

fox ad royale large loaded tackle box
This large tackle box, fully loaded with useful terminal tackle is a great gift idea this Christmas. It includes leads, hook, rig tools, rig materials and much more.

Even if you think the angler in your life has enough bits and bobs, this kit would make any carp angler very happy this Christmas.

You can find it here

Ridge Monkey Modular Bucket

ridgemonkey modular bucket
It’s just a bucket you say… well, the Modular bucket is a super smart way to organise your different baits and anglers will often take multiple buckets to achieve the same thing.

The Ridge Monkey Modular Bucket includes 2 self-seal containers and a main bucket section and has become a very popular piece of kit in the last couple of months, which takes organising your baits to the next level.

The Modular Bucket would make an ideal safe and affordable gift for any carp angler.

You can find it here

Carpy Clothing

22lb14lbmirror-chequertreeWith so many carp tackle brands producing their own clothing designed with the carp angler in mind, it’s hard to ignore clothing as an option as a gift idea.

Most tackle brands produce their own hoodies, t-shirts, trousers/joggers and other clothing accessories. The most popular clothing brands in carp fishing are Korda, Fox, Trakker, Wofte, Navitas, Wychwood, just to name a few.

Another great clothing gift idea for carp anglers are thermal clothing. Items such as vests, bottoms, socks, beanies, gloves are ideal carp fishing gift ideas.

If you like to read more about carp fishing clothing, please check out the posts below:

Korda Rigsafe Combi

korda rigsafe combiThe Korda Rigsafe is a handy device for keeping your pre-tied rigs safe, ready for you to start fishing as soon as you get on the bank.

The Rigsafe Combi comes with extra storage ideal for keeping small rig components such as boilie stops, hooks, swivels etc. The Rigsafe Combi is a very well built rig storage unit, it’s highly reliable and we believe every angler should have at least one in their tackle bag.

You can find the Korda Rigsafe Combi here.

PVA accessories

pva bagYou can never have too many PVA products in your tackle bag.

PVA can be used for numerous amounts on methods in carp fishing including creating a small concentrated amount of bait around your chosen hookbait.

A bundle gift including PVA Solid Bags, PVA Mesh, PVA Tape would make a safe but useful carp fishing gift idea.

Artificial Baits Selection

Like PVA, a carp angler can’t have enough artificial/plastic hook baits. Plastic baits are super handy when getting a bite can be a matter of switching to a colour of hookbait that’s working at the time. Plastic baits have accounted for so many epic captures over the years and ideal as a single hookbaits or tipping off ‘real’ baits.

plastic baits
Enterprise tackle is well known for producing top quality plastic baits, they can take on flavours and colours exceptionally well. Recently Enterprise Tackle started producing a range of selection boxes, including a selection of plastic corn baits and a variety of course and carp fishing plastic hookbaits. These are very well priced and make useful carp fishing gifts.

Gift card

christmas gift card
If you’ve got this far and still have no ideas then why not give your carp angler a gift card. Online tackle retailers such as Angling Direct offer an ideal gift card option. You can buy gift cards ranging from £10-£1000, which you can redeem online and spend on a large range of carp fishing gear.


Thanks for reading our safe but impressive Christmas gift guide. If you have any comments on anything featured in this guide make sure you leave them in the comments below, we’re happy to help.

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