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11 of the Lightest Brollies on the Market

lightest-brollies-for-carp-fishingThis week we continue our “Lightest” series by taking a look at the lightest brolly style shelters currently on the market for carp anglers.

Brollies have become very popular over the years because they offer more mobility, quick erection 😉 and can be packed away compactly than compared to a conventional bivvy system.

With so many benefits of owning a brolly style shelter, we’ve compiled a list of the lightest covering all the features, materials and other benefits of each brolly featured.

For this guide, we chose not to feature instant pop up style shelters such as Fox Easy Shelter and Nash Scope Rapid Deploy Bivvy because they lack the stability compared to a brolly system. They also don’t offer as much internal space which is required for longer sessions.

So let’s get started…

Wychwood HD MHR Brolly System – 8.95kg

Wychwood HD MHR Brolly System

  • Includes the new Wychwood HD ripstop material throughout
  • Unique MHR central boxx system
  • Rod retainer straps
  • 2-part flexi rib stabiliser design
  • Internal storage pockets throughout
  • Wychwoods multi-door system
  • Includes Wychwoods 5-year warranty

You can find it here

Fox Supa brolly MK2 camo – 8.3kg – 8.5kg

  • Optional Fibreglass front support rib
  • Includes rod retaining straps, great for changing rigs
  • Supplied with solid, clear PVC and black mesh door options
  • 4 back ribs touch ground, which greatly aids stability
  • Includes 2 24 inches storm poles, bivvy pegs, a heavy duty groundsheet and an oversized carry bag

You can find it here

Aqua Fast and Light Camo Brolly – 5.5kg

  • Space Saver frame system
  • Extended storm sides
  • Rod retaining straps
  • Unique heavy duty DPM Camo Aquatexx material used throughout
  • Storm rods and Groundsheet are not included but are available separately

You can find it here

Wychwood HD MHR Compact Brolly – 5kg

  • Includes HD ripstop material
  • Unique MHR central boss system with internal storage pockets
  • Supplied with two storm poles and heavy duty groundsheet
  • Rod retainer straps included
  • Comes with a Wychwood 5 year warranty

You can find it here

JRC Contact Camo 60″ Oval Brolly – 5kg

  • Lightweight, compact and fast set up
  • Detachable heavy duty nylon groundsheet
  • Oversized side panels from stability
  • Aluminium telescopic support poles
  • Quality nylon materials used throughout
  • Supplied with pegs and nylon carry bag

You can find it here

Nash Scope Black Ops Brolly – 4.9kg

Nash Scope Black Ops Brolly

  • Extreme waterproof 5000mm Aquasense Hydra cover
  • Rain gutter prevents front water run off
  • Rod straps included
  • Space frame hub for increased internal room
  • Four rib ground contact for total stability
  • Includes two 28 inches storm poles, set of bivvy pegs and compact carry bag

You can find it here

Chub Oval Brolly – 4.5-4.8kg


  • 5000mm Hydrostatic head cover
  • Sprung steel frame
  • Lightweight groundsheet included
  • Velcro rod straps
  • Includes 2 26 inches storm poles, a set of bivvy pegs and carry bag
  • Great value for money

Trakker Tempest Brolly – 4.4kg

  • Unique patented design
  • Ultra-strong, easy to use and ultra-quick to assemble
  • Incredibly lightweight with a compact pack down size
  • No internal ribs for maximum internal brolly space
  • Supplied with tension strap, carry bag and bivvy pegs
  • Check out our long term review here

You can find it here

Trakker MC-60 Brolly – 4.1kg

  • Fully customisable profile for different weather conditions
  • Includes velcro rod-retaining strap
  • Space saver frame for optimum room inside
  • Fits into most quiver-type holdalls with ease
  • Zip in full infill and insect panels available separately
  • Supplied with two 24ins storm poles, bivvy pegs and drawcord top carry bag

ESP Lo Pro Brolly – 4kg

  • Unique low profile design
  • Freestanding meaning it does not require storm poles in most situations
  • Compact footprint while still being roomy and providing excellent coverage
  • Space saver mechanism maximises internal headroom
  • Fits into most rod holders/quivers
  • Quick setup and take-down
  • Includes a set of bivvy pegs and carry bag

Nash Groundhog Brolly – 3.2kg

  • Based on the original classic Nash oval brolly
  • Spaceframe rib and hub for increased internal room
  • Extreme waterproof Aqua Sense Hydra cover
  • Supplied with two 36 inch storm poles, a set of bivvy pegs and carry bag
  • Groundsheet and winter skin for the brolly are available separately


Thanks for reading our guide to the lightest brollies available to carp anglers. Hope this guide has helped you find a brolly suited to you and your style of fishing.

If you have any questions on any of the brollies featured in this guide, then please leave them in the comments below.

If you enjoyed this style of tackle guide and want to find more this make sure you check out our other tackle guides, reviews and carp fishing tips.

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