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My Carp Fishing Setup 2017 Part 2 “Luggage, Shelters and Gadgets”

mirror carpThis week we take a look at my very own carp fishing setup guide which is part TWO of the series.

If you missed part one please check it out here, it includes the rods, reels, rod support and bite indication tackle I currently use in my carp fishing set up.

This guide has been designed to help newcomers to carp fishing and also help those experienced anglers that are looking to upgrade and change their current tackle set up.

In this part of my carp fishing set up guide I will be showing you the chairs, luggage, shelters and other useful items I use in my own carp fishing.

Thank you for reading and let’s get started…


JRC Stealth X-Lite Recliner ChairThe JRC X-lite Chair is one of the lightest, compact chairs on the market and has to be one of my favourites.

It’s very low and comfortable but if you’re looking for a chair with ultimate comfort this may not be the chair for you as it has no major padding or head/neck support.

Great addition if you’re looking to scale down your overall tackle weight or travel around a lot.


The bedchair I use is the super light and compact Wychwood Tactical Bedchair. It’s very stylish, packs away quickly and I highly recommend it.
wychwood tactical bedchair


Luggage again is all down to personal preference and whatever suits your storage requirements. Personally I don’t really like to take to many bags so I often only take a rod bag and tackle/food bag.

Rod Bag

I use a Fox Royale Quiver Combo to store my rods in, also a Trakker Sanctuary Retention Sling, Wychwood net and Avid distance sticks all fit into it. The quiver comes with 3 separate zipped rod sleeves, allowing you to store rods and reels already set up and ready to cast out into the lake. The quiver is fully secure, includes useful handles for putting it in the car, plenty of pockets and is very lightweight and surprisingly compact.

Tackle/Food Bag

Continuing with the Fox Royal range, I use the Fox Royale Cooler Food Bag System to keep my food and tackle in. This bag is great from short sessions or if used just as a food bag it could keep you going for a few weeks. The bag comes with all the pockets you will need and includes a Fox branded cooking cutlery set too. The straps and handles are well-built and extremely padded and I highly recommend it.


For transporting my gear around I use the ever faithful Carp Porter MK2 barrow. Apart from replacing the original tyre with a puncture proof tyre, it’s been very reliable over the past 6/7 years. I probably will never replace it and just replace certain parts when they get too old and possibly give it a repaint job. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable barrow.


Wychwood Brolly
I mainly use my Wychwood Solace Oval Brolly as it’s super quick to set up, lightweight and compact.

If I’m doing a longer session, and need more room or it’s during the winter months I will use my Chub RS-Plus Max Bivvy. The Chub Bivvy is well-built, roomy, can withstand strong winds, includes a peaked extended roof and rod straps, which is great for changing your rigs quickly.


Cookware is another that’s really down to personal preference. I currently use a Fox stove and Wychwood compact kettle. Both small, compact and just work.

I don’t do a lot of cooking on the bank but I am contemplating purchasing a RidgeMonkey Toaster Pan, they look very simple to use and easy to clean.

Other useful tackle


carpfishingsetupThanks for reading My Carp Fishing Set up Part Two and I hope you found it useful in any way.

If you have any questions on my current carp fishing set up or would like to see us review a curtain item of tackle, please give us a comment below.

If you enjoy this guide please make sure you check out our other tackle guides, tackle reviews and carp fishing tips.

You can find us on our Facebook page for all the latest tackle news and reviews.

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