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5 Handy Gadgets for Carp Fishing – Part 1

mobile carp fishingA gadget specifically designed for a carp angler can make an experience of carp fishing on the bank just that much more enjoyable.

This week we take a look at 5 handy gadgets designed for the carp angling enthusiast.

This guide is designed to list gadgets useful to every type of carp angler, whether you’re a pleasure type angler or a hardcore 24/7 angler.

And when we say gadgets it doesn’t need be complicated but it must be super useful to carp anglers whilst on the bank.

Let’s get started…

Aqua Black Series Rig Tying Tray

This product essentially is a sturdy platform with raised edges, perfect for tying and sorting out your rigs on your lap whilst on the bank.

The bottom of the rig tray has plenty on polystyrene beads inside so it can lay perfectly flat on your lap and giving you extra comfort. Whilst designed with rig making in mind it can be used in a matter of different ways, such as dinner tray.

You can find it here

RidgeMonkey Action Station

The RidgeMonkey Action Station is an all-purpose robust session essentials tackle tray with a sliding lid to keep all the items inside, nice and dry. The thing that sets this item apart from the others is it also includes a 3 way adjustable clamp allowing you to place the action station essentially anywhere you want.

You can find it here

Gardner Deluxe Weed Rake

This product is great for those times when you just can’t find a clear spot in the weed. It can be easily attached to your line (ideally braid) and casted out, creating a perfect clear spot to present you rig on to. No need to use a huge uncastable weed rake and this product can be easily kept safe in any tackle box due to its compact size.

You can find it here

Highlander Compact Gas Heater

These type of compact heaters are perfect for sessions in the harsh winter seasons. Extremely lightweight, compact and can heat up your bivvy relatively quickly. Includes a sturdy handle and swivel body functionality. Apart from it being a super useful winter gadget, it’s also cheap so it’s highly recommended.

You can find it here

Korda Krusha

This product is a super effect hand held bait crusher. Although designed with crushing boilies in mind the Korda Krusha can break down most baits available for carp fishing including pellets and tigernuts.

You can crush baits into bigger pieces, ideal for particle/spod mixes or you can crush your chosen bait into a fine dust, ideal for stick mixes and groundbaits.

The Korda Krusha is simple you use and fits compactly into any item of carp luggage, we highly recommend them.

You can find it here


Thanks for reading part one of our handy gadgets designed for carp anglers series. If you have any comments about any of the gadgets featured in this guide, please leave them in the comments below.

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