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5 of the Effective Rod Pods Money Can Buy for Carp Fishing

Top five rod rods in carp fishingThis week, we check out the top five rod pods for carp fishing.

In a world where using banksticks and buzz bars are the most fashionable and reliable way to present your rods on the bank, ready for a bite, there maybe be times when this type of setup is not that effective.

When your fishing somewhere where there is uneven ground, gravel or wooden platform swims, using a rod pod can save the day.

Rod pods offer your rods stability on the most uneven of ground, your rods will be positioned at the same height and rod pods are usually easy to set up and pack away on the bank.

Below is our top 5 rod pods for carp fishing, listed in no particular order. We created this top 5 by taking into consideration the features offered by each rod pod, the design and overall quality.

So without anymore time to waste, let’s get started!

Cygnet Quicklock Rod Pod

  • Easy to assemble and pack away
  • Buzz bars are included, alarms and butt rests can be left on for an even quicker setup
  • Fully adjustable legs and pod length
  • Slick black design
  • Includes rod pod bag

You can find it here

Fox X Pod Plus with Goal Post Buzz Bars

Fox X Pod Plus with Goal Post Buzz Bars

  • Adjustable legs and pod length
  • Supremely light and boasts stability on any ground surface
  • Easy to transport
  • Quick and easy set up
  • Includes pair of 3 Rod ‘Rod Lok’ Buzz Bars

You can find it here

Nash H-Gun Rod Pod

nash rod pod

  • Available in 2 rod and 3 rod versions which include buzz bars
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Fully adjustable pod length and legs
  • Bank sticks can be removed from the pod and used as separate bank sticks if you wish to do so
  • Includes a compact carry bag

You can find it here

Fox Black Label Compact Pod

  • The most compact rod pod on the market
  • Would most likely fit any carp luggage such as a backpack or tackle bag
  • Full adjustable legs and pod length
  • Use with 2-Rod and 3-Rod Black Label Buzz Bars (not included but sold separately)
  • A slick black design used throughout

You can find it here

JAG Black Super Compact Pod Kit

  • Super light and fast set-up design
  • Built using only the highest quality materials which you would expect from Jag
  • Fully adjustable and fits compactly in its included carry bag
  • 3 rod buzz bars are included
  • Quality UK made product

You can find it here

Our thoughts

There many rod pods on the market but you’ve just read our top five.

We recommend if you’re on a budget to consider the Cygnet Quicklock Rod Pod or the Nash H-Gun Rod Pod.

If you take you fishing seriously and are looking for a reliable rod pod, that’s strong and stable and is to the highest quality, we recommend the JAG Black Super Compact Pod Kit.


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