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Best Rod for under £100? The Wychwood C-201 Carp Rods Review

wychwood c201 carp rodsThis week we review the Wychwood C-201 Carp Rods.

It’s been a long time since I upgraded my carp rods so choosing the right rods for my own fishing was very important. Although I was happy with my old JRC rods it was time for a change and went with the Wychwood C-201 Carp Rods.

There were three factors when choosing my new rods; build quality, features/functionality and design. Those 3 factors had to fit into my under £100 per rod budget so finding the right rod was a tricky task. With most high end top quality rods going for as much as £300/£400, the Wychwood C-201 is an ideal mid range rod option.

The cork handle option has an old school look but has all the modern features you expect from a carp rod. The cork handle option is not just a design feature, playing a fish and casting feel great when using a cork handle.

The overall weight of the rod is superb, the lightweight carbon makes casting easy and smooth. The 3lb test curve option is surprisingly strong whilst still giving you a bend in the tip when needed to reduce hook pulls and line breakages.

The rod includes 50 mm butt rings allowing the line to flow through the rod with ease, easily adding more distance to my cast compared to my old JRC rods.

The rods balance well when paired with a Shimano 1400 Carp Reel and look a stylish combination too.

Worth the money?

I have been using these rods for a few months now and I would have to say these are the best carp rods I’ve ever used and are well worth the money. This review will be kept up to date if any issues or any other features are noticed with these rods while in use.


I believe if you’re looking for a top quality, stylish carp rod then I would highly recommend these C-201 Carp Rods by Wychwood.

Check them out in your local tackle shop or you can buy them a little cheaper online, I recommend Amazon or eBay.

Thanks for reading our review of Wychwood C-201 Carp Rods.

If you have any comments about these rod please leave them in the comments below, I’m sure we can help.

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  1. Nice review Mike and I notice you got yourself a mention on Wychwood Carp’s facebook page too! good work.

    • Thanks 🙂 some times you need something like that to let you know you doing something right. Thanks for the kind words!

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