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Best Bite Alarm? The Delkim 25th Anniversary Plus Bite Alarm review

IMG_20171006_192924_530 This week we take a look at the ever popular Delkim 25th Anniversary Plus Bite Alarm.

This review includes a rundown of all the features you will find with the alarm.

As well as some super useful bite alarm tricks and tips and our honest opinions on the Delkim 25th Anniversary Plus Bite Alarm.

As usual if you have any comments/questions on this review, please leave them in the comments below.

Let’s get started…

The review

The main feature in our opinion that sets a Delkim Bite Alarm apart from the rest is that Delkim use a vibration sensing technology instead of the commonly used roller wheel system. The vibration sensing technology is exclusive to Delkim and offers you more accurate sensitivity options which could result in more fish on the bank in theory.

One of our favourite features of these alarms are the sensitivity settings which gives you 20 sensitivity options. If you’re fishing in hard winds at distance simply switch your sensitivity to Minus 6, this should eliminate false bleeps caused by the wind. If your fishing close in and need any indications that fish are touching your rig/line then switch your sensitivity to Plus 10 then adjust it if needed.

The alarm is well designed with solid, well-built buttons and dials, no use of stickers or cheap flimsy buttons.

Delkim Bite Alarm and Illuminated Hangers

Incredibly bright LED’s are used throughout which you can set at the brightness you wish. The alarm includes a super useful night light mode, ideal for fishing in the dark. The night mode also works well paired with illuminated hangers.

In terms of tones you can set, the Delkim tones in our opinion are the best sounding and you can create unique tones and also set classic distinctive Delkim tones, although not an essential feature it’s a nice addition to a premium bite alarm.

The Delkim 25th Anniversary Plus Bite Alarm includes a protective hard case which protects your alarms from any damage when packed away.

The maximum volume is incredibly loud, but if you wish you can also set no volume and have the signal go through a receiver.

Delkim Micro Transmitter

If you want to use a receiver with the Delkim 25th Anniversary Plus Bite Alarm you will need to purchase separately the Delkim Receiver and a Delkim Micro Transmitter which fits to the bottom of the alarm.

Attx Receiver

Alternatively you can purchase an Attx Receiver and an Attx Dongle Transmitter (3.5mm) which plugs into the bottom right port of the alarm which can be a little cheaper and works very well.

One thing I do like about these Delkim alarms is that there are so many accessories sold separately that fit perfectly with all the Delkim alarms which will give you the setup you require.

Delkim sell snag ears, various illuminated hangers, 2 different bite alarm receivers, various hard cases and a super handy quick release system for removing your alarms from bank sticks.


It wouldn’t be a CTR review without expressing any negative feedback so here’s the negatives.

Surprisingly there’s only one drawback to these alarm which is price. Don’t get me wrong if you buy a Delkim alarm you’re getting your money’s worth with all the included features but it can be an investment.

I’ve been fishing for over 10 years and I’ve only just got my hands on Delkim alarms. One thing I can say is over those 10 years I’ve used so many bite alarms and wish I just saved up until I could afford to buy Delkim alarms but I guess life just gets in the way sometimes.

How much and where can I find them?

You can find the Delkim 25th Anniversary Plus Bite Alarms for around £69.99 each. I purchased my alarms from amazon with free postage.

I also bought the Delkim Slimlite Illuminated Hangers which create an awesome looking, functionable set up and you can find those for around £34.99 each.


IMG_20171006_192924_530Thanks for reading our review of the Delkim 25th Anniversary Plus Bite Alarm.

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