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Carp Tackle Coming Very Soon to 2018

This week we look at the tackle we know that will be released this year.

Even before the fishing show season has started for the year some tackle companies have already let slip on some new and exciting carp gear set to be released in 2018.

Let’s take a look at some new tackle set for this year…

Nash Pinpoint hooks and hook sharpening tool range

Working closely in partnership with Pinpoint, Nash are set to release a brand new set of hooks and hook sharpening accessories. Nash claim the hooks are lighter, much sharper out of the packet and up to 50% stronger.

We are all very excited for this release and are looking forward to testing these hooks out on the bank.

Look out for reviews of this range where we will undoubtedly give them a serious testing to let you know if they are really worth the money.

Ridgemonkey Deep Tray

The Ridgemonkey Deep Tray is designed specifically to fit the 30 litre RidgeMonkey Modular Bucket System XL and featuring folding support legs, the Deep Tray is over twice the capacity of the regular XL tray and opens up even more storage options for the Modular Bucket System XL.

A simple idea but a smart move by RidgeMonkey giving you a lot of options for bait storage and perfect for longer trips on the bank.

Gardner Specialist Sharpened Mugga hooks

According to Gardner the new range of specialist sharpened Mugga hooks are hand sharpened to perfection by Jason Hayward.

Jason has created a reputation over the last few years as a master of sharpening hooks to perfection and now is working with Gardner to create this specialist hook range.

The hooks are looking to be sold at a higher price point than regular carp hooks so are they really worth the £7.99 retail price? Look for our review of these hooks very soon.

Ridgemonkey hooklink range

Not much is known about the Ridgemonkey hooklink range but we know they will be releasing three colours in the range, weed green, gravel and clay (we will update this when we know more details).

We’re looking forward to this range and hope Ridgemonkey are bringing us something new and not just another hooklink range.

More new releases in 2018:

Thinking Anglers are set to release short Tapered Rig sleeves/kickers with a matt finish.

Solar Tackle are set to release their new P1 indicator heads this year.

KODEX are set to rest their new “intelligent” butt rod rests this year.

Ridgemonkey unconfirmed releases

For the past month we have seen the Ridgemonkey team let slip on tackle they’re testing and currently in development.

A few photos have been posted of Ridgemonkey pop up pots, these could simply be stickers on the pots or Ridgemonkey working on a special pop up range which will be their first dive in to the carp bait world.

Others photo have been spotted of a possible rig tool range by Ridgemonkey too.


Thanks for reading our list of tackle releases set for 2018.

If you have any comments on any of the items mentioned in the post then let us know in the comments section below.

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