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How to Clean and Keep Your Carp Tackle in Pristine Condition

Cleaning your carp reelsThis week we look at how you can keep your carp tackle looking brand new without breaking the bank.

With spring just around the corner, now is the best time for cleaning and making sure your tackle is in top condition.

In this guide we will look at the products and techniques that will keep your tackle in pristine condition, ready for the new fishing season.

Let’s get started…


With many different techniques for cleaning rods we simply recommend using multi purpose cleaning wipes for the rod blank.

For the rods guides, clean them using cotton buds heavily coated with WD40.

Cork Handles

If your rods have cork handles and are looking a little worn or damaged, we recommend cleaning them, filling in the gaps with cork dust paste (Carpenter’s Wood Filler) then use a standard coarse and fine finishing sandpaper on the handle.

Custom rod companies such as Cotswolds Rods offer a refurbishment and rebuild service, if you would much rather a professional bring your old rods back to life.


To bring your reels back to life we recommend firstly washing the reels with warm water and then dry with a fine fibre cloth.

Lightly top up any of the moving parts with an oil lubricant (3 In One Multi Purpose Drip Oil) this will leave the reels feeling as smooth as when you first used them.

Cleaning reels

We don’t advise you lubricate them excessively as this can have a negative effect on the reel mechanism.

If your having any major issues with your reel, companies such as Shimano offer a reel refurbishment service.


If your bivvy is looking a little worn you may need to replenish it’s waterproof coating.

Brands such as Trakker recommend Fabsil Universal Fabric Cleaner and Fabsil Gold Reproofer which will clean the fabrics and give the bivvy a brand new waterproof coating.

Other useful products

WD40 – Great on any metal items such as bank sticks, bedchairs and barrows, giving them a new like look and a rust protective coating.

Pledge Furniture Spray – Ideal for polishing metal and plastic items but we don’t advise you use polish on items such as rods excessively.

Summit Stainless Steel Cleaner – A cleaner specifically designed to keep stainless steel items such as bank sticks looking as good as new.

Gardner Tackle Fluoro Plus – A product design to keep your main line in pristine condition.


Thanks for reading our guide on cleaning and keeping your carp tackle in pristine condition.

If you have any comments on any of the items or techniques mentioned in the guide then let us know in the comments section below.

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