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Carp Care: 5 of the Best Carp Unhooking Mats

This week we will be taking a look at five of the best carp unhooking mats on the market.

Carp care in general doesn’t get enough attention as it should and as long as we’re fishing for carp we should also be responsible for the quality and care of the fish swimming in our local waters.

On most waters these days carp mats are a prominent rule and not having one could get you banned permanently.

Things like carefully transporting a carp on the bank and treating any nicks or cuts with a carp care kit is important. But most importantly having a well padded and well designed carp mat to help you secure the carp for weighing and trophy shots will ensure no harm will come to your target species.

If you’re new to carp fishing or want to know more details on what to look out for when buying an unhooking mat we have included a short buyers guide below.

Hope you find this guide useful and as always if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.

Let’s get started…

Wychwood Walled Unhooking Mat

  • Includes heavy duty materials to protect mat from damage
  • Comes with a padded kneeling area
  • Designed to be easily cleaned
  • Includes a velcro down, mesh fish cover
  • Can be also used without the wall
  • Carry handles included

Price – £74.99

You can find it here

Trakker Sanctuary Oval Crib

  • Includes a stiff high-sided outer wall
  • Comes with a folding soft thick foam base
  • Includes a removable inner lining that has been designed for easy cleaning
  • Water drainage system design
  • Zipped side pockets ideal for storing carp care kit
  • Carry handles included on the mat
  • Carry bag with heavy duty strap included

Price – £89.99

You can find it here

Fox Easy Mat

  • Includes a fish-safe protective cover
  • Boasts a rapid set up and pack away
  • 50mm foam base
  • Carry bag included
  • Comes in standard (L108cm x W50cm x H15cm) and XL (L119cm x W66cm x H18cm) sizes

Price – £67.99

You can find it here

Aqua Camo Combi Mat

  • Offers ultimate protection with its deep walled foam padding
  • Covered in a fish friendly fabric, a safety retaining flap
  • Designed to have a large surface area
  • Supplied in a sleeve protecting the contents
  • Featuring the new DPM Camo Aquatexx fabric
  • The shoulder strap makes it perfect for stalking when folded in half
  • Dimensions: 5cm (h) x 70cm (d) x 120cm (w)

Price – 79.99

You can find it here

Avid Carp SafeGuard Cradle

  • Has a collapsible frame design that folds shut
  • Fully padded interior and exterior
  • Made from fish-friendly materials
  • Boasts mesh section for better water drainage
  • Comes with cover flap to temporarily secure fish
  • Includes a carry bag
  • Comes in two sizes – Standard (90cm x 50cm) and Xl (120cm x 70cm)

Price – £70.95

Things to look out for when buying an unhooking mat

  • Avoid bean filled mats as these can easily tear and leave a trail of beans wherever you go
  • Unhooking mats that include a mesh fish cover and/or a protective wall are ideal especially if you tend to fish on your own and want to take great photos of your captures
  • Make sure the unhooking mat is a larger size and includes a thick padded foam base
  • Included D rings on the side can be super useful for pegging down the mat on windy days


Thanks for reading our top five unhooking mats for carp fishing guide.

If you have any comments or questions on any of the unhooking mats featured then let us know in the comments section below.

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